1/30/21 Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt


Our next Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt will be on Saturday morning, 1/30/21 on a lake TBD.

Randy Rowley will be able to take three hunters with him.  He plans to hunt from his boat.

When we’ll leave will be determined by what lake we go to.  If Granger, it will be at 3:15 AM.  If Stillhouse Hollow, it will be at 2:45 AM.  If Waco, it will be at 2:00 AM.  We’ll stop at Whataburger’s drive-thru on the way there and possibly somewhere on the way home.  We’ll share truck and boat gas and a toll road fee.  There may be a boat ramp or park entrance fee.

The Rotation and the Event Hierarchy will apply.  RSVP to Randy and/or let him know if you have any questions that the Rotation page doesn’t answer at randywrowley@gmail.com (his preference) or 512-922-2484.

Also, as the Rotation page states, he has extras of many of the items that you’ll need for this hunt (such as waders, floating gun cases, cap lights, etc.) and will happily loan things if a request to borrow something occurs before we leave.  Of course, if someone borrows something and breaks or loses it he will expect reimbursement.

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