12/10/21 – 12/12/21 Self-guided/chartered Coastal Blast and Cast (Duck Hunt and Bay Fishing Trip)


The first FCS Self-guided/chartered Coastal Blast and Cast of the season will be at Corpus Christi.  We have one bay boat committed to this event – Daryl Shipper’s.  Randy Rowley is leading an audit on 12/10/21 and, therefore, cannot commit to this event.  This trip is limited to four people, including Daryl.  The Blast and Cast Rotation will apply, as will the Event Hierarchy.  If you’re new to the rotations here is How the Rotations Work.  If you’re towards the bottom don’t let that discourage you – if folks above you on the Rotation don’t respond then you’ll have a spot.  The deadline to RSVP is 10/26/21.

Redheads dominate the area, but we’ve bagged wigeons, pintails, scaups, buffleheads, mergansers, and even a GWT.  We’ve caught redfish, trout, flounder, mangrove snapper, and a variety of non-game fish in that area in December.

For duck hunting we’ll launch at Wilson’s Cut.  For fishing, we’ll either launch at the Packery Channel, the Marker 37 Marina, Clem’s, or at the Port A ramps (depending on weather, tides, and fishing reports).  The plan presently is to fish on Friday (duck season doesn’t resume in the South Zone until Saturday, 12/11/21) and either hunt or fish on Saturday morning and do the opposite that evening.  Then, depending on which activity has been the most successful, do that on Sunday morning.  If fishing is bad, we might forget about it and focus on hunting and vice versa.

A payment of $108/person will be due before 11/6/21 for the following Airbnb house (unless someone beats us to it) – https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/45010770?adults=4&children=1&location=Corpus%20Christi%2C%20TX%2C%20United%20States&check_in=2021-12-17&check_out=2021-12-19&translate_ugc=false&federated_search_id=03d3e24e-0613-4373-b294-7f8dfe0c3f2d&source_impression_id=p3_1632960329_550cVlqRFD56pxIt&guests=1.  It has a king in one bedroom and a queen and two singles (bunk bed) in the other bedroom.  It’s $432 for two nights ($108/sportsman or $54/night).  We’ll eat out.  Everyone will buy his own bait and/or you can use artificial lures.  The participants, not including Daryl, will share truck and boat gas and pay for a boat wash and any boat launch fees.

Let Randy know if you would like to be added to the Rotation or if you have any questions that the Blast and Cast Rotation page does not answer at randywrowley@gmail.com (his preference) or 512-922-2484.  Also, he has extras of many of the items you’ll need for this hunt (such as waders, floating gun cases, stools, cap lights, etc.) and will happily loan things if you let him know that you would like to borrow something before you leave.  Of course, if you borrow something and break or lose it, he will expect reimbursement.

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