12/19/20 Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt


FCS will host our next Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt on Saturday morning, 12/19/20.  The location will be decided around 12/14/20, based largely on duck hunting reports that Randy Rowley is seeing.  The 11/28/20 hunting party didn’t see a lot of ducks on Stillhouse Hollow, so that’s not a good bet.  So, it will probably be on Granger or Belton.  It will probably not be on Somerville (unless it gets substantial ran between now and then), as that lake is currently over two feet low, and that means that Randy won’t be able to get his boat anywhere close to where we can hunt.

Randy will be able to take three hunters with him.  He plans to hunt from his boat.

When we will leave will depend on which lake we go to.  We’ll stop at Whataburger’s drive-thru on the way there and possibly somewhere on the way home.  We’ll share truck and boat gas.  There may be a boat ramp fee – if so, we’ll share it.

Let Randy know if you want a spot before 11/22/20.  You must be on the Rotation in order to be considered for this hunt.  The Rotation and the Event Hierarchy apply.  If you’re new to the rotations, here is How the Rotations Work.  If you’re towards the bottom of the rotation, don’t let that discourage you – if folks above you on the Rotation don’t respond then you’ll have a spot.

Let Randy know if you have any questions that the Rotation page doesn’t answer at (his preference) or 512-922-2484.  Also, he has extras of many of the items that you’ll need for this hunt (such as waders, floating gun cases, cap lights, etc.) and will happily loan things if a request to borrow something occurs before we leave.  Of course, if someone borrows something and breaks or loses it he will expect reimbursement.

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