Three Camping Mattress You Should Take for Your Next Hunt


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Nature is a divine creation where we can learn so many things about life and ourselves. We
should be out there as much as possible to relish its generosity. But whether we go into the wild
for hunting, fishing or just for enjoyment, it would be best not to take a lot of heavy gear with us.
I always try to organize my backpack as wisely as possible and make it easy to carry, but also to
have all the essential things I need. One of the most critical items is the camping mattress.
Everything looks brighter when you wake up after a healthy resting sleep, and this is why you
need a top-notch product: comfortable, easy to store, easy to transport.
The question is what to choose: a pad or an air mattress? Pads are great because they are thin and
soothing, but I think air mattresses are in fact the perfect choice for any outdoor adventure: they
take little space when deflated and they feel almost like a real bed. You won’t realize you’re
sitting on the ground; also, if you’re having problems with your back they are a better option
than the pads. Comfort is significant when camping because if you don’t get a good repose, you
won’t be able to enjoy the activities planned for your getaway thoroughly. And some of the
newest airbeds can fit two people, which is perfect because you usually don’t go camping or
hunting alone. Let me introduce some of my favorites to you:
1) The Therma-a-Rest NeoAir Dream
This is a versatile combination of an air mat with a foam pad; it weighs a bit over four pounds
and comes with an electric pump for the inflating process. A good thing about this combination is
that the components reside together inside a microfiber cover which you can quickly wash. Also,
this smart association makes the product highly adaptable: the inflatable mattress can be
removed and used separately. When packed, the mattress is light and small so that it will fit in
any backpack. It is comfortable and warm, even though it comes at a high price compared to
other products. It’s been reviewed as one of the best performing camping mattresses, so it’s a
wise long-term investment.


Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream

2) The SoundAsleep Camping Series
I’m quite fond of this queen-sized long-lasting airbed, even though it takes a lot of space inside
the tent. On the other hand, it’s great for sleeping outside! It weighs 14 pounds, and it also has a
twin-sized version. The mattress is very easy to inflate with its built-in rechargeable pump, and
the process takes only a few minutes. It’s very comfortable, and it comes at a reasonable price.
It’s made of a sturdy fabric which ensures its durability. A good thing about this airbed is that you
can choose the level of firmness when you inflate it. The deflating also takes very little time.

The SoundAsleep Camping Series


3) The KingCamp Light Outdoor Camping Air Mattress
You will truly appreciate this budget-friendly mattress: it’s the perfect mix between the comfort
any camper wishes for and the portability required by a backpacker. Plus, it’s waterproof, and it
can withstand harsh ground. It has a built-in pump which needs only five minutes to inflate the
mattress. Five minutes is all you need to deflate it, and then you can immediately roll it up and
put it in its carrying bag. This is great for those unanticipated situations when you need to pack
quickly. A notable thing about this particular model is that its eco-friendly. Also, it’s very light –
it weighs less than four pounds. The air mattress has gotten great reviews, even though it has its
weak points: Try Mattress points out that it may take some effort to pump, especially for new
owners, but after getting used to this everything should work just fine.

KingCamp Light Outdoors Camping Air Mattress

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