12/10/17 – Compound Bow and 12 gauge Shotshell Reloader



Wayne Weilnau is selling the following items – 10% of the sales will go to FCS:

Bear Whitetail compound bow.  The draw weight is 55 lbs.  The draw length is unknown, but Wayne is 6’4″, so it’s probably around 30-32″.  It has a 5 pin Cobra sight.  It includes a case, arrows, and broadheads.  The string is old and should probably be replaced.  Asking price is $75.


Bear Whitetail Compound Bow with 5 pin Cobra sight

Pacific DL-105 12 gauge singe-stage shotshell reloader.  There are five stations.  Asking price is $25.


Pacific DL-105 12ga Single Stage shotshell relloader

You can contact Wayne at or 512-589-4120.


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