2018 – FCS Meetings Reports


2/5/18 FCS Meeting and Wild Game Dinner

Fourteen participants had a good time at the 2/5/18 FCS Meeting at Ron Denison’s home.  The meeting featured wild game including chicken fried venison and gravy, pork stew and sauerkraut, grilled venison steaks, grilled quail, jalapeno/cheese venison sausage, venison summer sausage, venison dry sausage, potato salad, pinto beans, cheese and crackers, olives, King’s Hawaiian rolls, and Sue Denison’s yummy chocolate eclair cake (I hope that I didn’t leave anything out).  Thanks to all who brought food!  Randy Rowley lead a devotional called Patched.  We watched a DVD on tips on shooting clay targets.

President’s Report

Membership – since our last meeting on 12/7/17, we had one man join the club, one man renew his membership, and six men as first time guests.

Events – since our last meeting on 12/7/17, we had 15 events with an attendance of 68 people, which is an average of 4.53 people per event.  We have 15 events planned from 2/6/18 until our next meeting, tentatively scheduled for 4/24/18.  See our Calendar and Upcoming Events web page for details.

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