El Campo Chamber of Commerce Gun Calendars


Ted Lieb is helping to sell gun calendars for the El Campo Chamber of Commerce (see below).  It is a really good deal as you have two chances every week for a year to win a gun. When you buy a calendar, which cost $100, it has two numbers on it that are three characters long.  Each week there will be a different gun in the drawing.  They use the Texas Lottery Pick 3 drawing that is done every Monday.  If one of your calendar numbers match you win the gun for the week.  Below are a couple photos from the calendar that describe the guns that are being given away.  There is a picture on each week of what gun is up for grabs.  There is also a Facebook page for the El Campo Chamber of Commerce that tells about the calendar.  If you want more info let Ted know at or (281) 917-8482.

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