Guns and Accessories for Sale



Randy Rowley has the following guns for sale:

STI International custom competition sporting AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in 5.56 mm NATO with a 16″ 1:8 twist 410 stainless steel barrel with a Nordic Tactical Compensator (muzzle brake), a mid-length gas system, a JP Trigger group, custom STI Valkyrie hand guard and gas block, M4 feed ramps for improved feed reliability, a mid-length gas block to reduce recoil, an Anodized finish with black Teflon coating to provide a durable, attractive finish that will hold up to even the most demanding shooting, a 30 round magazine, and a EOTech 552 Holographic sight.  Asking price is $1550.
Remington Versa Max 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun with a 28″ barrel, a fiber optic sight, and a raised comb.  It is chambered for 3 1/2″ shells (and will also handle 3″ and 2 3/4″ shells).   This is a great all around hunting gun that will handle anything that flies.  Asking price is $810.
Remington 1187 Premier Skeet 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun with a 28″ barrel and a Jack West stock that is adjustable six ways to Sunday with a  built in recoil reducer.  It is chambered for 3″ shells (and will also handle 2 3/4″ shells).  The stock alone is $600.00 from Ken Rucker in San Antonio.  Although is says “Skeet” on the receiver, it is not a typical “skeet” gun with a built in skeet choke.  It has Rem chokes which enable it to handle anything that flies.  Asking price is $700.
S&W Model 66-6 .357 Mag. six shot stainless steel revolver with a 6″ long barrel.  Like all .357 revolvers it can also shoot .38 Special.  Asking price is $585.
Taurus Model 66 .357 Mag. seven shot stainless steel revolver with a ported 6″ long barrel.  Like all .357 revolvers it can also shoot .38 Special.  Asking price is $450.
Stevens Model 320 12 gauge pump shotgun with a 18.5″ barrel choked cylinder and a pistol grip.  This would make a very good home defense gun.  Asking price is $150.
Remington Model 514 single shot bolt action .22 LR.  This would be a good starter gun for a kid.  Asking price is $100.

Contact Randy at (his preference) or 512-922-2484.  You can either come get them or pick them up at an FCS event that Randy will attend (he will not attend all of them so email or call him to ensure that he’ll be there).  If you want one of these guns shipped he’ll take it to an FFL dealer to do it, so there will be the dealer’s fee, plus shipping.  It will have to be shipped to your FFL dealer, who will also have a receiving fee.



The following ammunition and magazine were donated to FCS.  It is available for a financial donation.

  • 32 rounds of .22-250 45 grain JHP (factory)
  • 21 rounds of .300 Savage green tip (in a plastic box – may be hand loads)
  • 18 rounds of .300 Savage – appear to be pointed soft points (in a plastic box – may be hand loads)
  • 40 rounds of .308 Winchester – appear to be full metal jacket (in a plastic box – may be hand loads)
  • 7 rounds of .308 Winchester hollow points (note that these cases are about 1/4″ shorter than the full metal jacket rounds, but they both say .308 (in a plastic box – may be hand loads)
  • 28 rounds of .243 Winchester – appear to be pointed soft points (in a plastic box – may be hand loads)
  • 8 rounds of .243 Winchester – appear to be hollow points (in a plastic box – may be hand loads)
  • 50 rounds of .44 Special 240 grain flat points (hand loads – the box is dated 2/21/98)
  • Remington 5 shot magazine for model 581 .22 Long Rifle

Note that you will either have to come get them or pick them up at an FCS event that Randy Rowley will attend (he will not attend all of them so email or call him to ensure that he’ll be there).  He will not mail them.  Contact Randy at or 512-922-2484.



Browning Maxus – 28” – 12ga – 3” Chambered for sale

Very clean, lightly used 12ga Browning Maxus shotgun. Great clays or hunting gun. Very easy to clean, comes with all factory chokes (IC, Mod, Full),  a Briley Invector Extended Spectrum Mod Choke, and a new carrying case.

New browning Maxus Stalker retails for $ 1,399, will sell this one for $ 995.

Contact Bruce Crockett @ 512-970-7725 or .


Browning Maxus – 12ga – 28″ – 3″ Chamber

Maxus Stalker

Matte black barrel and aluminum alloy receiver, Lightning Trigger, Speed Lock Forearm, Power Drive Gas System, autoloader shotgun

Black goes with everything. It also has a slimming effect, which the Maxus doesn’t need as it is a well balanced work of technological art. The Maxus comes in an array of gorgeous hardwoods, satin nickel finish stocks, and cutting edge camo patterns, but we know a lot of hard core men (and women!) prefer a no-nonsense look.

A more serious and utilitarian look. The look of the Maxus Stalker matches the reliable function and fine engineering it wears on the inside. The PowerDrive gas system cycles a wide range of target, slug, and game loads, reducing measured and felt recoil to allow for greater comfort and quicker follow up shots. The SpeedLock forearm allows for quick access to change

Lightning Trigger. It boasts a faster trigger lock time than any other autoloader trigger in its class, resulting in more pellets on target. Combined with Browning’s Total Barrel Dynamics, the Maxus is capable of unparalleled accuracy.



Springfield XDS Compact .45 ACP with 3″ for sale


Crimson Trace laser grip sight

Two extended 7-round magazines

Two 5-round magazines

Pocket holster

Magazine holster (two magazines)

Asking price is $800.
The following boxes of ammo are also for sale:
100 round boxes of target loads (Winchester) = $20
50 round boxes of target loads (Remington, Winchester, and Federal) = $10
20 round boxes of hollow points (Federal) = $20
Contact Mike Walsh at or 512-560-7001.


Browning 725  Citori Sporting – 12ga – 32″ – 3″ Chamber

Like new condition:

*Newly refinished stock and forearm

* New firing pins &  new ejectors

* 2 Briley DS Invector Spectrum Extended Mod Chokes (Valued @ $140), plus 5 factory Invector-DS Extended Chokes

* Comes with carrying case.

New 725 retails for $3,000+ depending on grade of wood (Grade III/IV – $4,700). The $3,000 version is usually discounted @ $2,650-2,750+, plus tax.  Will sell this one for $2,025.

Click on link below for full description of  the Browning 725: 725 Citori Shotguns.docx

If interested, Contact Bruce Crockett at 512-970-7725 or

Browning Citori 725 – 12ga – 32″

Browning Citori 725 – 12ga – 32″

Browning Citori 725 – 12ga – 32″

Browning Citori 725 – 12ga – 32″

Browning Citori 725 – 12ga – 32″

Browning Citori 725 – 12ga – 32″

Browning Citori 725 – 12ga – 32″


Chris Rowley’s ministry has started to receive donations of open-box ammunition from Wal-Mart.  Her ministries include Life Bridge Job Corps, Simple Church, English as a second language, GED, Career Life Ministries, and more, but none of them relate to hunting or shooting.  Therefore, she has given them to her husband, Randy Rowley.

Let Randy know at (his preference) or 512-922-2484 if you are interested in the following ammo.  A donation to Chris’ ministry would be appreciated but is not required.  Note that you will either have to come get them or pick them up at an FCS event that Randy will attend (he will not attend all of them so email or call him to ensure that he’ll be there).  He will not mail them.

– Remington 16 gauge shotshells 6 shot high brass – the box has a picture of a pheasant on it, but it does not say “pheasant load” – one full box of 25 plus one extra shell.  There is nothing wrong with the box, other than having part of the cardboard torn off.

– American Eagle .300 Blackout, 155 grain, full metal jacket – 15 rounds.

Greg Moerbe has a box of 20 of Winchester .300 Winchester Magnum Deer Season XP in 150 grain extreme point for sale.  Asking price is $15.  Greg can be reached at or 512-577-7831.



Mike Walsh has nine boxes of Fiocchi 16 gauge 8 shot shotgun shells that he would like to trade for 20 gauge shells of equal value.  Contact Mike at or 512-560-7001.

Mike Hardcastle is selling a 20 Ga Youth Remington 870 Pump shotgun for $260.  It comes with a Rem choke and case.  Just in time for dove season.  You can reach him at

Evan Porterfield is selling the below guns and accessories.  Feel free to email Evan at or call or text him at 512-705-7954.

1) Smith & Wesson Model 13-2 .357 Magnum Revolver – $400

2) Kimber Pro Covert II .45 ACP with Crimson Laser Grip – $1200

3) Remington 770 .30-06 with Simmons 3-9×40 scope.  This gun has only had 10 or so rounds thru it.  Comes with a cheap Plano hard case – $275

4) Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62×54 mounted on synthetic stock, original wood stock (refinished) included, also included bushnell 3-9×40 scope, scope rings, scope mounting bracket, needs to be drilled and tapped to add scope (something I was going to do before I sold my drill press). I had the bolt handle and safety knob machines for easier operation (originally the bolt handle sticks straight out). I have not fired this gun in years but last I shot it she was holding very good groups for a gun her age (1944?) – $400

5) Nikon P223 fixed 3×32 BDC reticle scope (for AR-15) – $100

Ammo for Sale
Kenneth Kidd has the following shotgun shells for sale.  The price for all of them is $140.00, or he will sell them per box as follows:

12 Gauge steel shot @ $10.00/box

  • 2 boxes of Federal 3”, 1 ½ ounces of shot, 2 shot, 1300 FPS
  • 3 boxes of Winchester 3”, 1 3/8 ounces of shot, 4 shot
  • 2 boxes of Winchester 3 1/2”, 1 ¾ ounces of shot, BB shot

16 Gauge, 2 ¾” @ $ 10.00/box

  • 2 boxes of Federal steel shot, 2 shot
  • 3 boxes of Federal, 1 ounce of shot, 7 ½ shot
  • 2 boxes of Remington, 1 ounce of shot, 7 ½ shot

You can contact Kenneth at or 512-228-7879.

Savage 111 .270 with Simmons 3-9X40 scope for sale (from Evan Porterfield)
I’ve got a friend trying to sell the following rifle:

Savage 111 .270 with Simmons 3-9×40 for $425.  It has less than 20 rounds through it.

If anyone is interested please let Evan know at or 512-843-1348.

Smith & Wesson Model 63 for sale

It is chambered in 22 LR Serial # M159962. The barrel is 4 inches long and it has the red ramp front sight and the rear adjustable sight. The wood grips are excellent and the gun locks up nice and tight. Chambers as well as the barrels bore are perfect no defects.

Eddy Chance has owned the gun since 1979.  Gun Brokers listed at $1250 and low end $680.  He’s asking $650.  Contact Eddy at or 512-450-4437.

9/29/16 - Smith & Wesson Model 63

9/29/16 - Smith & Wesson Model 63

9/29/16 - Smith & Wesson Model 63

9/29/16 - Smith & Wesson Model 63

9/29/16 - Smith & Wesson Model 63

9/29/16 - Smith & Wesson Model 63



Stoeger Semi-automatic Shotguns for Sale

Eddy Chance has two Stoeger 12 Gauge semi-automatic shotguns with 27 inch barrels and matte finish for sale that he purchased for his sons that have had very little use.  Both guns come with slings.  They come with two screw-in chokes – Improved Cylinder and Skeet.  Asking price is $400 each.  Eddy can be reached at 512-450-4437.



Ammo for Sale

Bill Smith has the following ammo for sale:

  • 32 rounds of .30-06 (Federal – appear to be pointed soft points of around 165 grain; probably Power Shok’s) – $15
  • 40 rounds of .270 (Winchester Power-Point 150 grain Texas Edition – new in box) – $20
  • 27 rounds of 7.5 (not a typo) mm military (appears to be full metal jacket; 20 rounds are new in box) – $12

Contact Bill at, 512-696-2011, or 512-342-2262.


Ammo for Sale

Paul Roberts has the following ammo for sale:

  • .223 Black Hills 55 gr fmj 1 box (50 count) $25
  • .223 Remington UMC 55 gr mc 4 boxes (50 count each) $20 each
  • .223 Winchester 62 gr fmj 2 boxes (20 count each) $12 each
  • .380 Independence 90 gr fmj 1 box (50 count) $15
  • .380  Sellier & Bellot 92 gr fmj 1 box (25 count) $10
  • .380 Speer 90 gr gdhp 20 1 box (20 count) $20
  • .45 ACP American Eagle 230 gr fmj 5 boxes (50 count each) $25 each
  • .45 ACP Federal Pemium 230 gr H-S jhp 1 box (20 count) $20
  • .45 ACP Monarch 230 gr tmj 1 box (50 count) $20
  • .45 ACP Winchester 230 gr fmj 1 box (100 count) $45
  • .45-70 Remington 405 gr sp 1 box (20 count) $32
  • 9 mm Speer 115 gr fdhp 1 box (20 count) $20
  • 9 mm Winchester 115 gr fmj 1 box (100 count) $30
  • 9 mm  American Eagle 124 gr fmj 1 box (50 count) $15
  • 9 mm Blazer 115 gr fmj 2 boxes (50 count each) $15 each

 Contact Paul at or 512-796-9181.



Smith & Wesson Model 915 9mm for sale

Eddy Chance has a Smith & Wesson Model 915 9mm for sale. It is in like new condition and includes one magazine, two boxes of ammo, and a nylon holster. He is asking $450. Contact Eddy at 512-450-4437.



16 Gauge Field Loads for Sale

David Smith has a widow in his neighborhood who has nine boxes of 16 gauge field load shotgun shells for sale. They are Winchester High Brass Game Loads in 7 1/2 shot with 3-1/4 dram powder and 1-1/8 oz. shot. These are equivalent to Remington Heavy Dove loads, which sell at Academy for $6.39/box plus tax. They are selling for $4/box. If interested contact Randy Rowley at or 512-922-2484.



Gun Cleaning Service

Randy Rowley will clean your long guns and handguns.  He charges $20 per long gun and $15 per handgun (half of what McBride’s charges).  Note that Randy will only clean your guns; he is not a gunsmith.  His cleaning, nor anyone else’s, will not be able to correct poor functioning guns from years of neglect, pitting from rust, break actions that are stiff in new guns, etc.  Contact Randy at (his preference) or 512-922-2484.



Remington Model 710 in .300 Winchester Magnum for sale

Ron Palmer has a new Remington Model 710 in .300 Winchester Magnum for sale.  He is also willing to trade it for a 20 gauge over and under.  Contact Ron at or 512-970-5021.



Beretta A400 Xplor 12 gauge for sale

Scott Timpany is selling a Beretta A400 Xplor, 12 gauge 28 inch barrel with kick off that he bought  new for $1695 plus tax.

He also has all of the original boxes and paperwork etc., and wants to sell it because it’s not getting used.  He will throw in a extended and ported LM choke too.
Scott wants $1500 for it (firm).   He can be reached at



MEC Shotshell Reloaders for Sale

Joe Schram has three reloaders for sale.  They are all the MEC 9000G model in 12 gauge, 28 gauge, & .410.

The 12 and 28 have the large capacity primer feeders, and the .410 has the regular.

The 12 gauge is new, and has only loaded a couple of hundred shells.  The 28 and .410 are older, but in good working condition.

I am asking $350 on the 12 gauge, and $275 on the other two.

First person with the cash gets them.  Contact Joe at or 512-296-0535.



MEC Shotshell Reloader for Sale

Harold Terry has the following Shotshell reloader for sale:

MEC Size Master Model SM82 and accessories.

Includes many manuals, tables and very relevant publications

4 charge bars and 12 powder bushings

25 lbs starshot magnum #9 extra hard shot and 3 lbs #7 1/2 shot

6 lbs Red Dot Smokeless Target Shotshell Powder – comes with MSDS sheet

300 Winchester W209 shotshell primers

+/- 250, 20g .125 wads (undershot over)

The following are all plastic: 2 bundles Remington 20 gauge white wads, 1 sack of 200 12 gauge Winchester AA pink superlight wads, 2 sacks of 250 12 gauge Winchester field wads, 1 sack of 100 12 gauge Federal red superplus wads

2 foot x 2 foot x 18 inch box of reloadable empty hulls

Harold can been contacted at



Steel shot shotshells for sale

Harold Terry  has the following steel shot shotgun shells for sale:

10 boxes of Federal Steel Classic Magnum 12 gauge 3 inch 1 ¼ oz “T” shot 1375 FPS – $100.00 or $13.50 each.

4 boxes of Remington Nitro Steel Magnum 12 gauge 3 inch 1 ¼ oz 1 shot $15.00 each.

Harold can been contacted at



Tactical Advantage Firearms


Flint DeShazo recommends Tactical Advantage Firearms.  If you’re interested in any other firearm or accessory out there, let John Plumb know and he’ll get you a quote.  He also stocks, in limited quantities, tactical equipment and accessories (Surefire flashlights, laser sights, EOTech Optics, etc.), and can order just about anything you might need.

John Plumb, FFL\SOT Class 3 Dealer

Round Rock, Texas

(512) 239-9204



Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles

Mr. Charlie Batts recommends Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles.  Tumbleweeds is owned by Mark Pharr.  His address is 3005 Live Oak Street,  Round Rock, Texas, 78681.  Charlie reports that Mark does quality work, shoots competitions, and knows rifles extremely well.  His shop is at his home in Round Rock.  Contact Mark at 512-246-7563.



Gun Dealer

If you are looking to purchase a gun, Mr. Charlie Batts recommends his friend, Russell, at Northwest Arms in Austin (8650 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 119).  His phone number is 512-336-5002.  Just tell him what you need and he’ll give you a price.  Charlie reports that Russell saved him a bunch of money on a rifle for his granddaughter.  Russell also sells scopes, scope mounts, and other related products.



Custom Remington 700 for sale

Phil Nichols has a Remington 700 Blue Printed Action in .260 Remington for sale.

It has the following features/includes:

  • Trued action face, threads and lugs tactical
  • Trued bolt face and lugs with custom knob
  • Remington BDL floor plate
  • Shilen custom trigger, tuned, adjusted to 1 lb.
  • Shilen select match stainless barrel
  • 22”, 1:8 twist, no. 5 taper
  • Custom cut threads and fitting with match 260 chamber
  • Barrel free floated
  • Target crown
  • H – S precision stock in tri-color desert camo
  • Action custom bedded in marine-tex
  • 20 MOA Picatinny rail
  • Custom dark olive metal finish in Cerakote

It includes:

  • Trijicon 2.5-10 x 56 Accu-point scope with green dot
  • Trijicon 30 mm rings

It has been function and accuracy tested.  Asking prices is $3,500.  Phil can also be reached at 512-796-2272 (Cell) or 512-331-1155 (Work).



Kimber .45 for sale

A friend of a friend of Ryan Rowley is selling his Kimber .45 ACP.  The pistol has a 5″ barrel and comes with nine magazines.  Asking price is $1,000.  Ryan can be reached at 512-468-2129.




Custom Gun Maker

Joe Collier (Phil Nichols’ uncle) of Collier Rifles builds, rebuilds, overhauls, and customizes rifles – whatever your heart desires!  Phil reports that Joe has really affordable prices.  He has gone from building one rifle a month to sometimes two or three a week.  If you know anyone that would like a custom rifle that none of their hunting buddies have ever seen before and that will knock off a match head, or just want to fix up what you’ve got, let Joe or Phil know.  Also contact them if you have any questions.  Phil can also be reached at 512-796-2272 (Cell) or 512-331-1155 (Work).

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