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4/20/19 ‘Copperhead Creek Tournament’ NSCA Sporting Clays Tournament

FCS will participate in the next Copperhead Creek Shooting Club in Marble Falls Sporting Clays Tournament on Saturday, 4/20/19.  There is an online registration form (pre-registration is requested, not required).  The main event (100 targets) price is $70.  We can have groups of up to five but must have a group of at least three (not all have to be FCS members).  We may have time to shoot a practice round of skeet.  Note that if you are not a National Association (NSCA) member you will be shooting Hunter (or Shooter) Class, which means that you will not be eligible to win any prize money, nor will your score be posted on their website.  Membership with the NSCA is $40 per year.  There will also be a 50 Target Side Event and Concurrent options.  Contact Bruce Crockett at or 512-970-7797 if you have any questions.

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4/27/19 FCS Monthly Sporting Clays Shoot

FCS will host our next monthly Sporting Clays shoot on Saturday, 4/27/19, from 10:00 AM – 12:15 PM at the Capital Clays.  The gates open at 9:00.  We will gather by the front door of their clubhouse at 9:05.  We will shoot their 50 target Corporate/Hunter course, which is the easiest course.  You can shoot singles, report pairs or true pairs… or you can follow the menu at each station which is a mix of true pairs and report pairs.  We keep score just for fun and keep a history log on the web site so you can see how you have improved over time.  After we shoot the 50 target course, we will have a brief get together to brag about our scores, and pass around the excuses, and catch you up on our near term planned events.

-10:05 AM – Sporting clays

-11:45 AM – Scores and announcements

-12:15 PM – Depart (or stick around and shoot 5-stand, skeet or the main course.)

Who should come: Members and guests, including ladies and youth, both new shooters and experienced.  We usually have from 10-20 participants, and we break up into groups of 4-5. Note that the larger the group, the longer it will take to shoot.  We recommend all shooters be at least 10 years old.  For youths we suggest a 20 gauge that fits the child (if a youth shoots a .410 he or she will probably miss a lot and may get discouraged). We often have new shooters and delight in teaching others what we have learned.

Cost and what to bring: Each 50 round course is $23.27/person (includes tax).  If you don’t have a shotgun you can use one of ours.  Most of us shoot 12 gauge, but 20 gauge is good also. Capital City requires eye and ear protection (available free of charge at Capitol City).  They sell shotgun shells if you need them (but you can get them cheaper at Academy, Wal-Mart, etc.).  You’ll need to bring two boxes of shells if you plan to shoot sporting clays.  Randy Rowley recommends Winchester Game Loads /Federal Game and Target Loads / Estate Dove Loads / Rio Game Loads / Remington Sure Shot Heavy Dove Loads / Estate Dove and Target Loads. All of which are sometimes available at Academy.  1 oz or 1-1/8 oz loads and 1250-1300 FPS and 7-1/2 or 8 shot work well. They all sell for $5.50-7.00/box.   All six are great dove/quail loads in addition to being good clay target loads. If you’re a dove/quail hunter, Randy recommends that for you shoot sporting clays with the same load that you use to hunt dove/quail.  This enables you to develop consistent leads for similarly sized targets.  Most of the targets on their Corporate/Hunter course are designed for skeet chokes, but IC works just fine.

Location: 8707 Lindell Lane (near the Travis County Exposition Center and Lake Decker)

Capital City’s phone number: 512-272-4707

Weather- In the event of rainLight rain – we shoot.  Heavy rain – we stay home and Randy will send out a notice of cancellation.

Questions:  Contact Bruce Crockett at (his preference) or 512-970-7797.


5/6/19 Chartered Striped/Hybrid Bass Fishing Trip

Our next Chartered Striped/Hybrid Bass Catching Trip is set for the afternoon of Monday, 5/6/19 with guide Fermin Fernandez of Trophy Stripers on Lake Buchanan.  Plan on being at the boat launch at Beachcomber Park on Lake Buchanan no later than 2:30 PM.  You can check his website for info and photo galleries of his current charters. 

We went out with Fermin on 6/15/15 and had a great experience.  We caught 15 keepers and about that many that were too small.  The other boat caught only one keeper.

Striped bass grow larger than hybrid striped bass.  For both species, the minimum length is 18″ and the limit is five.

The cost is $110 per person.  Fermin supplies the boat, rods, bait, landing nets, and a fish box.  The price does not include shared gas, eating out on the way home, and an optional but highly recommended tip for Fermin.  A 15% tip would be $16.5 and a 20% tip would be $22.

We have filled up three boats with 15 fishermen so this trip is full; contact Daryl Shipper at or 512-638-6971 to be added to his will-call list in case someone drops out).

A $50 deposit per person is required to hold your spot.  Please mail your deposit check that is payable to Fermin to:

Daryl Shipper

313 Rock House Drive

Liberty Hill, TX 78642.

Checks must be received by 4/20/19 or your spot will be forfeited. 

 What to bring:

  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Cap or hat
  • Sun block
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Small cooler

We will consolidate the drinks and snacks into a larger cooler for the boat to save deck space.

Contact Daryl for more information.

6/15/15 - Stripped Fishing Trip

5/23/19 Wild Game Dinner (Ministry Event)

Our Annual Wild Game Dinner (Ministry Event) at St. George’s Court Apartments (1443 Coronado Hills Drive, Austin) has been set for Thursday 5/23/19, 6:30 – 8:00 PM (volunteers please arrive at 4:30 PM).

What we need:

  • Volunteers.  Jobs include thawing meat and tenderizing it the night before the event; meat preparation (breading fish, wrapping dove with bacon, cutting up jalapenos, etc.) the afternoon of the event; cooking; shuttling containers of cooked food and empty containers back and forth during the cooking; and clean up.
  • Wild game.  We need game that we can either grill or deep fry.  Deer and hog steaks, link sausage, dove breasts, duck breasts (off the bone is preferred as they take up a lot of room in the coolers), quail, chukar, pheasant, fish fillets, etc. work well.  We will not be able to use ground hamburger, chili meat (unless you make a pot of chili), sausage, etc. and whole leg/shoulder deer/hog quarters.

Contact Randy Rowley if you would like to volunteer or donate game at (his preference) or by calling or texting 512-922-2484.  If you text, please identify yourself.  Randy will pick up game the week of the event.

Please do not show up with game (that you didn’t first let Randy know about ahead of time).  Two years ago we had a lot of people bring game without letting Randy know and we ended up throwing a lot of it away, as the residents of St. George’s Court had taken all that they cared to take.

Let Randy know if you have any questions.


5/25/19 ‘Bluebonnet Special’ NSCA Sporting Clays Tournament

FCS will participate in the next Capital Clays sporting clays tournament on Saturday, 5/25/19. There is an online registration form (pre-registration is requested, not required). The main event (100 targets) price is $70. We can have groups of up to five but must have a group of at least three (not all have to be FCS members). We may have time to shoot a practice round of skeet. Note that if you are not a National Association (NSCA) member you will be shooting Hunter (or Shooter) Class, which means that you will not be eligible to win any prize money, nor will your score be posted on their website. Membership with the NSCA is $40 per year. There will also be a 50 Target 5-Stand Event, 50 Target Side Event, and Concurrent options. Capital Clays is located at 8707 Lindell Lane.  Their phone number is 512-272-4707. Contact Bruce Crockett at or 512-970-7797 if you have any questions.


6/13/19 FCS Meeting and Chili Dinner

Our next FCS Meeting (social activity) will be on Thursday, 6/13/19, 7:00 – 9:30 PM – FCS Meeting and Fajita Dinner at Jim McGee’s home (2605 Izoro Bend, Cedar Park, 512-791-3464).  The cost should be approximately $10/person.  RSVP is required to Randy Rowley to ensure that we’ll have enough food at (his preference) or 512-922-2484 before 6/12/19.  Let Randy know if you have a recent hunting, fishing, or shooting experience or tip that you would like to share.  In addition, contact Randy if you have any questions.


7:00 PM – fellowship, cook,  and eat dinner

8:30 PM – president’s report, upcoming events, and short devotional

9:00 PM – DVD

9:30 PM – depart


Event participants are expected to follow the FCS Rules of Conduct.

Event participants will be required to sign FCS liability waivers for events that involve risks, if they have not already done so.

FCS membership is not required in order to participate or attend FCS events; however, if you are interested here is how to join.

Members and guests, feel free to bring your spouse, child, and/or a friend (but RSVP for him, her, or them and pay in advance, if required).

People who are 18 years of age or older are considered to be adults for purposes of figuring out a person’s share of lodging, gas, etc. For dividing up food costs, for example, minors may be treated as adults, depending on their size (e.g., a 12-year-old boy who eats as much as a man will be charged as a man, and not as a child).

The event coordinators are told dozens of things each work day. They also are told numerous things pertaining to FCS each week. With the amount of information that they receive they will inevitably forget some of it. Therefore, it is much better for you to RSVP via email than to call them. (If you call them, please follow it up with an email.) Some events have space limitations and the event coordinators have to ensure that we do not bring too many people. Please help them to prevent overbooking by emailing your RSVP to them. Also, if you text them be sure to let them know who you are.

Be aware that for events where we have a limit on the number of people that we can take that the hierarchy preference is as follows:

  1. Supporting members
  2. Spouses and minor children of supporting members
  3. Members who are not current with their dues
  4. Spouses and minor children of members who are not current in their dues
  5. Guests
  6. Spouses and minor children of guests

To quote the old American Express TV commercial “Membership has its privileges.”

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