Austin Christian Bass Club by Randy Rowley

The Austin Christian Bass Club’s principal purpose is to provide a fellowship opportunity for Christian men who like to fish for black bass.  They usually meet on the third Thursday of every month at Hillcrest Baptist Church (3838 Steck Avenue, Austin, between Mesa Drive and MoPac).  They usually have a monthly catch-and-release paper (they use of weight from a table of length versus average weight instead of actually weighing the fish) tournament on the third Saturday of every month.  They usually fish a local lake (Austin, Bastrop, Belton, Decker, Fayette, Travis, etc.) but also have a travel tournament each year.  You do not have to own a boat in order to fish or be a member.  Their ideal balance is 50% riggers (boat rig owners) and 50% non-riggers.

North Austin Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) by Tonya and Curtis Slovacek

The North Austin Chapter of the NWTF, was founded by Tonya and Curtis Slovacek (Tanya is a District Director of the NWTF).  The Slovacek’s can be reached at at 830-798-9023 or 830-385-6964 for more information.

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