Big Rack Taxidermy by Mr. Charles Batts

Charles Batts has started using Big Rack Taxidermy Service here in Austin.  If someone needs a quality job done at a reasonable price, he recommends these folks.  Contact Jesse Cortinas at 512-288-1646 (Work) or 512-663-2322 (Cell).  Tell them that Charles Batts suggested them and they will treat you right.  They are located at 8739 Hwy. 290 West.  Jesse is a Master Taxidermist.  He Charles’ South Texas javelina and it looks like it is alive and very angry.  He may also save someone some money.  He does great mounts.

Top Gun Taxidermy by Randy Rowley

Randy Rowley, Eddy Chance, Larry Dowden, and Earl Prochnick recommend Randy Pistole of Top Gun Taxidermy in Holland (10 miles east of Salado).  Randy does excellent work and is significantly cheaper than the Austin taxidermists.  Here is his price list.  Randy also works much quicker than the Austin taxidermists.  Randy Rowley’s teal took only four months.  Randy can be reached at 254-657-2800 (Work) or 254-657-8114 (Home).

Randy’s Teal

Larry’s Pheasant

Earl Prochnick’s wood ducks

Trophy Taxidermy by Ronnie Ross and Kevin Wall

Ronnie and Kevin recommend Trophy Taxidermy in Early (next to Brownwood).  They charge $60 to $85 less for a pheasant/duck mount than what the Austin taxidermists charge.  Their phone number is 325 646 8534.

Ronnie’s ducks
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