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President’s note: I, Randy Rowley, will run members prayer requests in the most recently received/updated order for 90 days.  After 90 days I will move them to the prayer requests archive page or the praises page.  Members please e-mail your Prayer Request(s) to me at randywrowley@gmail.com.

7/14/19 – Mark Weaver was hit by a car as he was riding his motorcycle on 7/11/19.  He has significant injuries and had internal bleeding.  He has gone through two surgeries.  After the second surgery the doctor is optimistic.  7/14/19 was a bit rough as Mark’s blood pressure was stable, but low.  They were also concerned about his oxygen levels and his kidneys seemed to have impaired function.  This lead to an emergency exploratory surgery, with expectations being potentially removing portions of his intestines.  But God is producing miracles, and the doctor reported that everything looked very good.  There was no damage to the organs.  He was pleased with how it was healing inside.  That evening the family was informed that his kidneys were beginning to function again.

Mark’s swelling is significant and causing blistering, please pray for reduced swelling.  After having a punctured and bruised lung, he has been on a ventilator.  The doctors are trying to adjust the breathing pattern to help him begin breathing on his own.  He doesn’t seem to like it.  They are doing blood draws to make sure he is getting enough oxygen.  He is averaging about a surgery a day.

The 7/15/19 surgery will focus on his fractured wrist.  He is unable to respond to any commands regarding his right side.  He is not tracking at all towards voices or movement.  Pray that progress is made and that he regains all sensation on his right side.  The doctors said that once they finish addressing the main hurts, that others might surface.

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