2019 Hunting Trips Reports


9/1/19 (Opening Day Central Zone) Dove Hunt (New Braunfels)

Twenty eight hunters had mixed results on the 9/1/19 (Opening Day Central Zone) Dove Hunt with Bryce Brandl of Triple Play Outfitters near New Braunfels. Paul Ellis got 13, Jim McGee got 12, and Louis Drott got 11, hunting near the trees.  The guys hunting near the feral sunflower field didn’t fare nearly as well – averaging around two each.  We did not have the field to ourselves, as promised, and there were too many hunters on the ranch.

6/8/19 Guided Upland Bird Hunt

Four hunters hunted upland birds on 6/8/19 with Raul Pena on the Austin Gun Club Preserve near Lampasas.  The group bagged three quail, two chukar, and a pheasant.  Raul reported that it was a hot hunt.

5/3/19 – 5/5/19 Self-guided Hog Hunt

Five participants had a good time of enjoying the scenery, peace and quiet, rain, deer, axis deer, and blackbuck antelope at Mr. Charles Batts ranch near Junction.  Unfortunately, no hogs were seen, although Randy Rowley found a dead hog as we were searching for sheds.  We also found several piles of hog scat.  Randy led a devotional called Mistaken Identity.

2/23/17 Guided Upland Bird (Pheasant, Chukar, and Quail) Hunt

Eight hunters had a great time at the 2/23/19 Guided Upland Bird Hunt with Mike Schumann on the old Dismukes/Bieberstein Ranch near Dimebox. A record 101 birds were killed, including 63 of 72 quail put out, 22 of 27 chukar put out, and 16 of 18 pheasant put out. Jonathan Fleming’s group bagged 35 quail, 15 chukar, and 10 pheasant (they paid for an extra chukar package and an extra pheasant package). Randy Rowley’s group bagged 28 quail, 7 chukar, and 6 pheasant. It was comfortable day with cloudy skies, mild breezes, and temps in the 60’s & low 70’s.  The morning hunt concentrated on quail and a few chukar while the afternoon hunt included the rest of the chukar and the pheasant. The participants also enjoyed blasting away at clay targets.

2/15/19 – 2/17/19 Self-guided Hog Hunt

Five hunters saw deer and turkey, but not any hogs at the 2/15/19 – 2/17/19 at Ronnie Ross’ lease near Priddy. The hunters had a good time of fellowship. Thanks to Larry Mitchell for leading this event and to Jose Primera for cooking fajitas!

1/26/19 Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt

Four hunters mostly enjoyed the scenery on 1/26/19 at a stock tank (pond) Southeast of Austin. Randy Rowley bagged a drake gadwall. We saw one other duck.

1/25/19 Guided Inland Duck Hunt

Four hunters had a slow day with Allen Ethridge on a stock tank (pond) near Donie.  The hunters bagged four ducks (two gadwalls, a mallard, and a hooded merganser). There was a group of mallards that circled the tank about a dozen times, but only one of them committed. There were not nearly as many birds in the area as there were on 12/8/18, when the hunters killed 39 ducks. The hunters were probably hurt by the full moon, bluebird sky, lack of wind, and a strong wind a week before blew most of the birds further south.  Since the hunt was not very good, Allen only charged them half price.

1/19/19 Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt

Five hunters had a good time at a stock tank (pond) Southeast of Austin. Randy Rowley led the way with two gadwalls. Chris Campbell and Ken Miller also bagged a gadwall (each). Burl Fulenwider hit one, but it dove and got away.

1/3/19 – 1/6/19 Blast and Cast (Self-guided/chartered Coastal Duck Hunt and Bay Fishing Trip)

Seven participants had a good time near Port O’Connor and Port Aransas.  On Thursday Wayne Weilnau’s group duck hunted but was skunked. They saw four flocks in the distance and a trio and a single a little closer. They only heard a few shots.

On Friday Wayne’s group caught a six keeper sheepshead and one undersized speckled trout.   Randy Rowley’s group headed to Wilson’s Cut between Port Aransas and Corpus Christi for ducks and were skunked. They saw three groups in the distance and a group of six few by about 80 yards away.

On Saturday Wayne’s group fished all day, catching sheepshead, trout, redfish, a flounder, and a ladyfish. Randy Rowley’s group fished in the morning, catching sheepshead and a trout. They hunted again in the afternoon and were skunked again. They only saw a few ducks in the distance and a single during legal shooting time. A flock of about 15 ducks came by after legal shooting time.

On Sunday the groups again caught sheepshead, Jim McGee caught a 29″ redfish, and Daryl Shipper caught a 27″ redfish. Jim led the way with around eight fish that were keepers.

This Blast and Cast was the exact opposite of the Blast and Cast on the same weekend in 2018, where we only shot ducks and didn’t catch a fish.

Thanks to Wayne for opening his home for this event.

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