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John Steczkowski has a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle in 5.56/.223 for sale.  The rifle includes two 30-round magazines, the original 5-round magazine, a BSA scope, and a Pelican hard case.  It has an 18 1/2″ barrel.  It has been shot less than 200 rounds.  The ship date was in 2011.  Asking price is $700.

John also has 250 rounds of .223 steel case ammo.  Asking price is $40.

Contact John at or by text to 512-553-5494.


Relisted 11/18/19

Randy Rowley has the following guns for sale:

Smith Corona A3-03 bolt-action service rifle in .30-06.  This rifle was made by a typewriter maker (Remington also made typewriters) and was probably made in 1942 and used in WWII!  It has all original equipment, including a peep sight.  It has a five-round internal magazine.  The bolt has visible wear.  Blackjack Guns appraised it for $900 – $1100.  The asking price is $795.  Cash only.  Randy is not interested in trades.  It includes a gun sock.

STI International custom competition sporting AR-15 in excellent condition.  This semi-automatic modern sporting rifle in 5.56 mm NATO with a 16″ 1:8 twist 410 stainless steel barrel with a Nordic Tactical Compensator (muzzle brake), a mid-length gas system, a JP Trigger group, custom STI Valkyrie handguard and gas block, M4 feed ramps for improved feed reliability, a mid-length gas block to reduce recoil, an Anodized finish with black Teflon coating to provide a durable, attractive finish that will hold up to even the most demanding shooting, a 30 round magazine, and a EOTech 552 Holographic sight.  The new price for the rifle is $1095 at Tactical Creations.  The new price for the sight is $455 on ebay.  Together they run $1550 new.  The asking price is $1295.  Cash only.  Randy is not interested in trades.  It includes a soft case.

Contact Randy at (his preference) or 512-922-2484.  You can either come get it or pick it up at an FCS event that Randy will attend (he will not attend all of them so email or call him to ensure that he’ll be there).  If you want the gun shipped he’ll take it to an FFL dealer to do it, so there will be the dealer’s fee, plus shipping.  It will have to be shipped to your FFL dealer, who will also charge you a receiving fee.



Eddy Chance has a Browning A-Bolt synthetic bolt-action rifle in .30-06 for sale.  The rifle includes an integrated muzzle brake, Teflon coating, a recoil pad, and a four-round box magazine.  A Nikon Monarch 4-14x44mm scope with Butler Creek flip-up scope covers, a custom trigger job, a sling, and a cartridge holder were added.  The The A-Bolt has a reputation for accuracy and a strong bolt.  Some of the Teflon coating has rubbed off of the barrel (see the picture below).  Asking price is $650.  Contact Eddy at or 512-450-4437.


Relisted – 11/15/19

Bruce Crockett has the following gun for sale:

Browning Maxus – 28” – 12ga – 3” Chambered for sale

Very clean, lightly used 12ga Browning Maxus shotgun. Great clays or hunting gun. Very easy to clean, comes with all factory chokes (IC, Mod, Full),  a Briley Invector Extended Spectrum Mod Choke, and a new carrying case.

Browning Maxus – 12ga – 28″ – 3″ Chamber

Maxus Stalker

Matte black barrel and aluminum alloy receiver, Lightning Trigger, Speed Lock Forearm, Power Drive Gas System, autoloader shotgun

Black goes with everything. It also has a slimming effect, which the Maxus doesn’t need as it is a well balanced work of technological art. The Maxus comes in an array of gorgeous hardwoods, satin nickel finish stocks, and cutting edge camo patterns, but we know a lot of hard core men (and women!) prefer a no-nonsense look.

A more serious and utilitarian look. The look of the Maxus Stalker matches the reliable function and fine engineering it wears on the inside. The PowerDrive gas system cycles a wide range of target, slug, and game loads, reducing measured and felt recoil to allow for greater comfort and quicker follow up shots. The SpeedLock forearm allows for quick access to change

Lightning Trigger. It boasts a faster trigger lock time than any other autoloader trigger in its class, resulting in more pellets on target. Combined with Browning’s Total Barrel Dynamics, the Maxus is capable of unparalleled accuracy.

New Browning Maxus Stalker’s retail for $1,399.  Bruce will sell this one for $ 995.

Contact Bruce Crockett at 512-970-7725 or


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