4/21/21 Self-guided Freshwater Fishing Trip


The next FCS Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip will be on Wednesday, 4/21/21, probably on Lake Somerville.

Costs (as per the Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip Rotation):

  • The participants (excluding me) will split the vehicle and boat gas and park entrance fee (if there is one).
  • We’ll stop at Whataburger on the way to the lake and will probably stop for brunch on the way home.
  • Fishermen can use artificial lures and/or buy live and/or dead bait.

Note that due to the Texas Mobility Authority overcharging Randy’s family $400 on toll bills, he will no longer use toll roads.  Therefore, we’ll have to leave earlier.

The Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip Rotation and the Event Hierarchy apply.

This event is full.  Contact Randy Rowley you would like to be added to his contact list in case someone drops out, if you’d like to be added to the Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip Rotation, or if you have any questions at randywrowley@gmail.com or 512-922-2484.

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