About Us

Our Purpose is to:

  • Share the joy and experience of hunting, fishing, and shooting with other Christian Sportsmen
  • Encourage Christian fellowship opportunities for people who like to hunt, fish, and shoot
  • Challenge people to establish and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Encourage serving the Lord Jesus
  • Encourage fellowship in a local body of Christians

FCS In Action (what we do)

See our main webpage for events that we presently host.  We have hosted many other events including:

  • A Texas Hunter Education course
  • A Turkey Shoot (to win turkeys)
  • A Varmint Hunt (for bobcats, coyotes, and foxes)
  • Camping Trips
  • Canoe/Kayak Trips
  • Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Classes
  • Dart (archery) Shoots
  • Deer Hunts (self-guided)
  • Flurry, Trap, and Wobble Trap Shoots
  • Hunting and Gathering (shopping) Trips
  • Laser Tag Games
  • Nights at the Races (car)
  • Promotions
  • Rabbit Hunts
  • Sheep Hunts
  • Shooting Classes
  • Shooting Range Shoots

We try to strike a balance between expensive verses inexpensive events.  Through many years of experience we have found that inexpensive hunting and fishing trips often result in poor harvests (as the saying goes, you get what you pay for) and in frustrated participants who will not return.  We prefer to pay a standard land owner/outfitter/guide rate to have a better chance of success.  Additional expenses often include tips, game cleaning fees (for those who wish to have their game cleaned), motel rooms, gas, and food.  But we also understand that not everyone can afford expensive events; therefore, we offer events with minimal costs.  At many events we are able to cut expenses by car pooling, sharing motel rooms, camping, and cooking out.

For hunts a first time guest is commonly paired with the member who brought him or her, or a member who knows him or her, or one of the Club officers so he or she will have a better opportunity to learn about the Club and our field rules.  Minors are required to hunt, shoot, or fish with the man or woman who they are related to or with their sponsor.  FCS members are more than happy to teach newcomers.  We are patient and enjoy sharing what we know.  People of all skill levels attend FCS events – from veterans to first timers.

All adult members and guests who participate in potentially dangerous FCS events must sign a lifetime  FCS Members and Guests Release of Liability Waiver.  The parents, guardians, or conservators of youth who do not have a parent, guardian, or conservator who is an adult FCS member must sign a one time FCS Members and Guests Release of Liability Waiver prior to participation in potentially dangerous FCS activities.  The Release of Liability Waiver is valid until the youth turns 18 years old.

We have Bible studies or devotionals and prayer time at several FCS events.  We have carried out numerous ministry projects including cooking church dinners, making donations to Operation Orphans and Cross Trail Outfitters, taking kids from Kids Outdoors Zone (KOZ) and two churches 5-stand and skeet shooting, roofing a house, helping families move into their new houses, purchasing and installing a water heater for a family in need, donating and delivering wild game to families in need, donating money to a widow, and donating money and diapers to a young family with a newborn.

We send out regular (usually weekly) e-mails on FCS news and sportsmen’s topics.  I, Randy Rowley, will be happy to add you to my distribution list.  There is no charge for this service and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Contact me at randywrowley@gmail.com.

We invite articles, business directory information, classified ads, hunting and fishing stories, jokes, links, members’ profiles, pictures, poems, product and service reviews and recommendations, recipes, safety tips, and useful information for sportsmen submissions from supporting FCS adult members.  We invite Bible studies, devotionals, praises, and prayer requests submissions from all FCS adult members.  We may edit and refuse to post submitted materials.  We can only use original submissions unless the author’s work is not copyrighted.  No material on our website or on one of our newsletters may be reproduced in print or electronically without my written/electronic permission.

FCS Membership Information

We have over 270 members.  FCS membership is not required in order to participate in FCS activities.  Church membership or attendance and being a Christian are not required in order to join FCS.  However, the FCS Membership Covenant requires members to uphold the FCS Safety and Shooting Rules, Hunting and Fishing Rules, and Camping Rules (located in the Bylaws) while on FCS events.

FCS adult membership is available to men and women, 18 years old and older, without regard to race, national origin, age, denominational preference, or political persuasion.  Members consist of those men and women who have expressed a desire to be a member by completing an FCS Adult Membership Application and who have paid at least a one-year FCS adult membership due.  The FCS Adult Membership Application only needs to be completed once (it does not need to be completed when a member renews his or her membership).  Participation in events is not a requirement of membership; however, it is strongly encouraged.

Membership due options include:

  • One-year membership/membership renewal – $20.00
  • Two-year membership/membership renewal – $35.00 (a 13% discount)
  •  Three-year membership/membership renewal – $50.00 (a 17% discount)
  • Five-year membership/membership renewal – $80.00 (a 20% discount)
  • Lifetime membership – $300.00 (equivalent to 15 one-year membership renewals)

New and renewing FCS adult members do not receive an FCS Gear membership benefit; however, they can purchase FCS Gear at any time.

FCS Adult Membership Benefits

All supporting FCS adult members have the following rights:

  • Make amendment proposals to the FCS Bylaws, Statement of Faith, Annual Calendar of Events, and/or Annual Fiscal Year Budget;
  • Participate in all supporting FCS member discussions and votes; and
  • Check out (borrow) FCS equipment items, videos, and books.

Supporting FCS adult members will have their articles, classified ads, hunting and fishing stories, jokes, links, members’ profiles, pictures, poems, product and service reviews and recommendations, recipes, safety tips, and useful information for sportsmen submissions posted on the FCS website.

All FCS adult members will have their Bible study, devotional, praise, and prayer request submissions posted on the FCS website.

The only difference between supporting FCS adult members and FCS adult members is supporting FCS adult members are current in their dues.

Anyone can purchase FCS Gear at any time.

The success of FCS is due to the Lord’s blessing and to the dedication of many volunteers.

Please contact us at randywrowley@gmail.com if you have any questions.