Why are you a “Christian” club and not just a generic club or a club without a title that potentially offends prospective members?

What types of events does FCS host?

Do I have to be a member of or attend a church and/or be a Christian in order to participate in FCS events or join FCS?

Is there a minimum number of events in which I must participate?

Do I have to be an experienced hunter/fisherman/shooter in order to participate in FCS events?

Do I have to possess a lot of equipment in order to participate in FCS events?

Can I bring my spouse and children to FCS events?

Why doesn’t FCS focus on children?

Why do some FCS events cost so much/cost so little?

Why do some events require an RSVP and payment in advance?

Why do different people send me emails about FCS events?  I only want Randy to contact me!

Does FCS have a deer, hog, dove, etc. season or year-round lease?  If not, where can I find a lease?

How do I get an event placed on the FCS Calendar?

I’ve noticed that FCS heavily emphasizes following the game rules.  Why the emphasis?

Is FCS affiliated with a church?

Who can submit prayer requests, classified ads, articles, stories, devotionals, recipes, etc. for publication on the FCS website?

Why do your Bylaws and other web pages say that FCS is non-political, yet you have political posts (e.g., opposing gun control, opposing hunting restrictions, etc.) on your website?

Who can buy FCS Gear?

How do I get added to the FCS email distribution list?

What is the difference between an FCS supporting member and an FCS member?

What do I need to do to join FCS?

How do I renew my FCS membership?

Why did the FCS President not attend such and such event?

Does FCS have any paid positions or internships?

I would like to start an FCS chapter or a Christian hunting/fishing/shooting etc. club. What advice can you give me?

Today’s Devotionals and Blogs

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Mark Dillow’s blog – http://noclearline.blogspot.com/

Bible Verse of the Day

He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.