• In approximately December of 1988, seven men and two children went on a Mouflon and Corsican sheep hunt at the Appletree Ranch near Leaky, Texas.  Although no game was killed, the camaraderie and fellowship bonded those who were present.  The group of men decided to form a club and developed a name during the trip home – The Burp & Poot (B & P) Club.
  • During it’s second hunt at Appletree, the Club developed Bylaws (examples include: to bear other members burdens, pray for other members needs, acquire marksmanship skills, never shoot at UFO’s (Unidentified Furry/Feathered Objects), and never hunt or fish on special occasions), a Theme Song, and an initiation.  The Club was founded as an avenue for men to “let their hair down” and have fun in Christian brotherhood.
  • On 2/28/91, at its first meeting, the Club elected officers for the first time, changed its name to The Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen (FCS), developed a Statement of Faith, and created a Club Statement of Purpose.  The purpose of FCS is to share the joy and experience of hunting and fishing with other Christian Sportsmen, encourage Christian fellowship, challenge men and women to establish and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, encourage serving the Lord Jesus, and encourage fellowship in a local church.
  • On 5/23/91 the first officers meeting was held.
  • On 5/30/91 the Club membership approved and implemented a mandatory due requirement for Club membership. Dues cover expenditures such as liability insurance, website hosting, website domain name, photocopying, postage, hunting and fishing DVD purchases for Club meetings, and one refill of the FCS propane tank.
  • On 3/28/96, a North Austin Chapter and a South Austin Chapter were established (they were later re-combined on 1/1/07).
  • On 4/5/01, the supporting Club members approved a mandatory non-members fee for all Dove Retreats. This was initially approved on 4/10/97 but was not implemented until 9/21/01. This requirement was deleted by the supporting Club members on 6/10/07.
  • On 9/19/03, the Club officers approved (by Executive Decision) and implemented a membership benefit of a “What You’re Hunting For” cap. The supporting Club members approved the continuation of Club apparel as a membership benefit on 12/23/03. This benefit was deleted by the supporting Club members on May 23, 2011.
  • On 9/29/03, the supporting Club members approved allowing a members wife and adult female relatives to join the Club (but not women as a whole).
  • In February of 2004, the supporting Club members approved financially supporting the NRA (we have an “individual” membership).
  • On February 4, 2007 FCS began a “Christian Sportsmen’s Class” at Great Hills Baptist Church. The class grew to 11 members but was discontinued in June of 2009 because most of the members were not FCS members or sportsmen.
  • On 11/5/07, an Austin Chapter and a Buda Chapter were established. The Buda chapter officers resigned on 7/9/09 due to not being able to put forth the energy required to continue the chapter and having “too many irons in the fire.” The Austin Chapter reverted back to just the Club at large.
  • On 11/22/07, the supporting Club members approved allowing any woman to join the Club.

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