Great to be with Christan men.  Great times

Roy Z.


Steven and Randy,

I wanted to thank both of you for putting on the Upland bird hunt this past weekend.  We had a blast, no pun intended.  Steven did a great job and the gentleman and his two sons who did the hunt were great.  They could not have been more welcoming and fun.  Everyone followed the instructions like we are supposed to.  Everyone got to shoot and hit a bird or two or more.  When the birds were released the guns were blazing.  I can’t thank you two enough.  It was a lot of fun and I hope the next hunt is just as good.

Frank H.


Very grateful to have spent time with FCS, where people are always safety conscious.

Scott T.


I’m already missing you guys!  Great folks at FCS.  I really appreciate the opportunity to spend time with you!

Scott T.



I enjoy the club and all the great members.

Earl P.


FCS Webmaster:

Thanks for all your work in putting together FCS’s current, past & on-going clays scorecards.  Your spreadsheet is easy to get around & is 1st class, as is the rest of our FCS website.

Thanks again,

Harold T.



Really nice work on the FCS website page.

James W.



Harrison and I went hunting yesterday am at a  friend’s place north of Walburg.  Excellent morning.  I limited and Harrison got 11 – our shooting was much better and there were lots of dove until about 8:30.  Great fun – I even hit 2 birds with one shot!

I got an invitation to go back out in the afternoon and seriously considered it – I already had the birds in the freezer.  But then I thought about one of your talks about this very thing and what influence I might have on Harrison and compromise my values – so, I didn’t go.

I just wanted you to know we do hear some of what you say!

Flint D.


You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web.  I will recommend this site!

Ryan R.



I was at GHBC for a Tres Dias meeting 2 or 3 years ago when I signed up on your email list.  I have enjoyed following you guys and, if I ever move to your area, count me in.  I live in Ft. Worth now.  God bless your ministry!



Hi Randy,

Glad to know who did the cooking.  I just want to say how much I enjoyed it. You guys did a great job.  Glad to hear that you’ll be cooking next time, too.

Jo Ann O.

President’s note: this is about the 3/31/11 Wild Game Dinner.


Hi Randy!

Thanks again for keeping me on the FCS email list.  I really do enjoy it and appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Keep up the good work!

Rod W.


Thank you, Randy, for all your hard work with this ministry.  FCS needs to have a booth at the Global Impact Celebration next year.

Larry D.


Dear Randy,

You have no idea what the corn & meat & butter means to residents of St. George’s.  Recently the food bank has been cut out.  In the past, once a month, the Social Worker would go to the Food Pantry & bring food in.

Last month it was hot dogs & buns.

I have been bringing bread home from Mission Possible.

You have no idea of the excitement.  Two ladies regrouped the corn so all could receive.

Bless you!

Patsy M.

President’s note: we donated the left-overs from the 3/31/11 Wild Game Dinner to the residents of St. George’s Court, a low-income housing project for the elderly and disabled.  One of the residents wrote the above note.



Becky and I had a great time shooting with you all!

Thank you, Randy, for setting it up for us to participate in this event!

WHAT A DEAL – all the instruction and clays we could ask for!

The instructors were great.  I heard basically the same advice from different instructors in sometimes different ways – which to us reinforced the instruction.

Becky and I got good results.

That was a great end to a near-perfect day.  Perfect as a close miss followed by breaking many more in a row!

That you all for including us in this event, being fellow sportspeople, trying to follow His trail.

Harold T.


Hey Randy,

I had a great time last night! What fun! What a great group of guys that showed up.  I think I may have made some new buddies.  I appreciate you running the club and leading from the front to see things happen and get done!  Thank you for your dedication to the kingdom and have a great weekend!

Phil N.


Hey Randy,

I had a great time getting to know everyone that made it out to Cutchen’s place! I appreciate you helping me feel welcome with the group and look forward to the shooting range.  Also, thanks for the shotgun cleaning kit.  Have a great week, I look forward to being a part of the club more, and we’ll see you sooner than later!

Phil N.


Had a great time last nite and some good eats. Appreciate the word given.

Mark M.



Thanks for a wonderful and fun day. It was good to be out there and meet some of the members, not to mention great shooting among us. I can’t wait till the next round to do this again.

Robby W.


I had a good time visiting!

Good Bible study.  I sent the link to some friends.

Thomas P.


Hi Randy – I just wanted to say thank you for having me out, I really enjoyed the group.  I look forward to getting to know you all better, and I am really looking forward to meeting up with you all at the shooting range as soon as possible.  I know I will have a little bit of a struggle on some Saturdays getting someone to watch the kids, but it is definitely possible.  At any rate, thanks again, and we will see you soon!

Paul I.

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