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12/15/18 FCS Monthly Sporting Clays Shoot

FCS will host our next monthly Sporting Clays shoot on Saturday, 12/15/18, from 9:00 – 11:15 AM at the Capital Clays.  The gates open at 9:00.  We will gather by the front door of their clubhouse at 9:05.  We will shoot their 50 target Corporate/Hunter course, which is the easiest course.  You can shoot singles, report pairs or true pairs… or you can follow the menu at each station which is a mix of true pairs and report pairs.  We keep score just for fun and keep a history log on the web site so you can see how you have improved over time.  After we shoot the 50 target course, we will have a brief get together to brag about our scores, and pass around the excuses, and catch you up on our near term planned events.

-9:05 AM – Sporting clays

-10:45 AM – Scores and announcements

-11:15 AM – Depart (or stick around and shoot 5-stand, skeet or the main course.)

Who should come: Members and guests, including ladies and youth, both new shooters and experienced.  We usually have from 10-20 participants, and we break up into groups of 4-5. Note that the larger the group, the longer it will take to shoot.  We recommend all shooters be at least 10 years old.  For youths we suggest a 20 gauge that fits the child (if a youth shoots a .410 he or she will probably miss a lot and may get discouraged). We often have new shooters and delight in teaching others what we have learned.

Cost and what to bring: Each 50 round course is $23.27/person (includes tax).  If you don’t have a shotgun you can use one of ours.  Most of us shoot 12 gauge, but 20 gauge is good also. Capital City requires eye and ear protection (available free of charge at Capitol City).  They sell shotgun shells if you need them (but you can get them cheaper at Academy, Wal-Mart, etc.).  You’ll need to bring two boxes of shells if you plan to shoot sporting clays.  Randy Rowley recommends Winchester Game Loads /Federal Game and Target Loads / Estate Dove Loads / Rio Game Loads / Remington Sure Shot Heavy Dove Loads / Estate Dove and Target Loads. All of which are sometimes available at Academy.  1 oz or 1-1/8 oz loads and 1250-1300 FPS and 7-1/2 or 8 shot work well. They all sell for $5.50-7.00/box.   All six are great dove/quail loads in addition to being good clay target loads. If you’re a dove/quail hunter, Randy recommends that for you shoot sporting clays with the same load that you use to hunt dove/quail.  This enables you to develop consistent leads for similarly sized targets.  Most of the targets on their Corporate/Hunter course are designed for skeet chokes, but IC works just fine.

Location8707 Lindell Lane (Near the Travis County Exposition Center and Decker Lake)

Capital City’s phone number: 512-272-4707

Weather- In the event of rainLight rain – we shoot.  Heavy rain – we stay home and Randy will send out a notice of cancellation.

Questions:  Contact Bruce Crockett at (his preference) or 512-970-7797.

12/22/18 Guided Duck Hunt (Location TBD)

FCS will go on a guided duck hunt with Ricky Ethridge on 12/22/18.  Ricky has properties near Marquez, Donie, Cameron, Bastrop, and south of DFW.  We most often hunt his place at Marquez, which is around 110 miles from Austin, so you might want to go down and spend the night in a motel the day before.

We have had several successful hunts with Ricky in the past, including getting a limit of 39 ducks on the 12/8/18 Guided Duck Hunt with with Ricky and his son Alan near Donie (see below).

The cost is $125.  We also usually give a 20% ($25) tip.  You’ll probably not need waders, but bring at least mud boots.  A face cover is needed.  Steel shot, your hunting license with migratory bird stamp and federal duck stamp, and a shotgun plugged for a three shell limit are required.  The super combo license does not include the federal duck stamp.

Ricky will set out the decoys, call the birds in, retrieve them, and clean the birds after the hunt.  The limit is six hunters and three spots remain.  RSVP to Ian Daniels at or 512-633-2221.  Also contact Ian if you have any questions.

12/8/18 hunt – 39 ducks

12/28/18 – 12/29/18 Self-guided Duck Hunt (Tehuacana)

FCS will hunt ducks on Saturday, 12/29/18 (arriving on Friday, 12/28/18) at the Pinock Ranch near Tehuacana, 45 miles east of Waco (134 miles from Austin).  In addition to duck hunting the deal includes lodging in a barndominium that sleeps 13, bass fishing, playing pool, ping-pong, and Frisbee golf, hitting golf balls, and watching TV.

The owner reports that duck hunting is GREAT with 80% limits with a variety of ducks.  He also reports that geese come in occasionally.  He has a 21-acre lake.  He charges $100 day hunter for hunting and lodging for a 24 hour stay, so he is between $50 – $64 cheaper than the guides that we have been using over the past three years (when you include 20% tips for them).  Friday evening to Saturday evening is considered a day.  If you add in a motel at Marquez/Franklin or El Campo (for the times we elected to stay in a motel when we hunted with guides near there) then he is $100 cheaper or more.

We’ll put out our own decoys and retrieve them and retrieve our ducks, so waders are needed.  A face cover is needed.  If you have blind netting or burlap bring it.  Remember: steel shot, your hunting license with migratory bird stamp and federal duck stamp, and a shotgun plugged for a three shell limit are required.  The super combo license does not include the federal duck stamp.

The limit is eight hunters and two spots remain.  A $66 deposit is required.  RSVP is required to Randy Rowley at (his preference) or 512-922-2484.

12/29/18 ‘Year End Finale’ NSCA Sporting Clays Tournament

FCS will participate in the next Capital Clays (8707 Lindell Lane, 512-272-4707) sporting clays tournament on Sunday, 12/29/18. There is an online registration form (pre-registration is requested, not required). The main event (100 targets) price is $70. We can have groups of up to five but must have a group of at least three (not all have to be FCS members). We may have time to shoot a practice round of skeet. Note that if you are not a National Association (NSCA) member you will be shooting Hunter (or Shooter) Class, which means that you will not be eligible to win any prize money, nor will your score be posted on their website. Membership with the NSCA is $40 per year. There will also be a 50 Target 5-Stand Event, 50 Target Side Event, and Concurrent options. Contact Bruce Crockett at or 512-970-7797 if you have any questions.

January (date TBD) Self-guided/chartered Blast and Cast (Duck Hunt and Bay Fishing Trip)

FCS will host a self-guided/chartered Coastal Blast and Cast (Duck Hunt and Bay Fishing Trip) in January on a date TBD at Port O’Connor.  We’ll stay at Wayne Weilnau’s house in Port O’Connor.  This trip is limited to twelve people (four per boat) counting Wayne, Daryl Shipper, and Randy Rowley.  If we have more than eight people interested the extra folks will stay at the Salty Dog duplex and we’ll divide that cost, plus the housekeeping cost, among the participants (except for Wayne).If we have eight people we’ll use two bay boats.  If we have more than eight we’ll use three bay boats.

Possible schedule:

Thursday afternoon – hunt

Friday morning – fish

Friday afternoon – hunt

Saturday morning – fish

Saturday afternoon – hunt

Sunday morning – fish

Cost:  We’ll eat out and share the vehicle gas and boat gas.  There will be a $140 house cleaning fee.  This will be divided among the participants, not counting Wayne.  For example, if we have seven participants then it will be $20.00/person.  Everyone will buy his or her own bait, if we fish with bait.

What to bring:

  • Hunting license, state migratory bird stamp, federal duck stamp, and saltwater fishing license
  • Shotgun
  • Shotgun case (a floating case is recommended)
  • Shotgun shells (Winchester Xpert shells or equivalent in 2 shot (the 1550 FPS variant), chambered for 3 inch (if your gun is also chambered for 3 inch); Randy does not recommend anything smaller than 4 shot.  10 gauges and 3 1/2 inch shells in 3 1/2 inch chambered 12 gauges are overkill for ducks, in my opinion; steel shot (if of adequate size) will kill ducks – there is no need for Hevi-shot, Tungsten, Bismuth, etc. (you’ll pay a lot more for those shells and they aren’t needed))
  • Shotgun shells bag, vest, or box (a floating blind bag is recommended)
  • Headlamp or cap light
  • Camo outer hunting clothes (including a face mask or face paint – absolutely essential)
  • Waders (absolutely essential)
  • Bucket or stool
  • Fishing rods/reels (maximum of two) and tackle
  • Snacks (optional)
  • Drinks (optional)
  • A small to medium sized ice chest to take your ducks and fish home in (there is a large ice chest on the boat to put your drinks and snacks in)

Randy has two pairs of waders (one in boot size 11 and one in boot size 10), two floating gun cases, two buckets, two headlamps, a hat lamp, around 14 ice chests of various sizes, three filet knives, and eight baitcasters and two spinning rods/reels that he’ll be happy to loan, if you let him know before we leave.

RSVP is required to Randy at (his preference) or 512-922-2484.  Indicate if you would like to go there on Thursday or Friday.  Also contact Randy if you have any questions.

1/12/19 Guided Duck Hunt (El Campo)

FCS will go on a guided duck hunt with Rayce Jenkins near El Campo on Saturday, 1/12/19.  El Campo is around 140 miles from Austin, so you might want to go down and spend the night the day before.

The cost is $125.  We also usually give a 20% ($25) tip.  You will hunt from a blind, so waterproof boots are a good idea, but waders are not necessary.  A face cover is needed.  Remember: steel shot, your hunting license with migratory bird stamp and federal duck stamp, and a shotgun plugged for a three shell limit are required.  The super combo license does not include the federal duck stamp.

We had a very successful hunt with Rayce on 1/18/16.  Two hunters and the two guides killed 23 ducks (see below).

Rayce will set out decoys, call the birds in, his dog will retrieve them, and he’ll cleans the birds after the hunt.  The limit is four hunters and this hunt is full.  Contact Ian Daniels at or 512-633-2221 to be added to his will-call list in case someone backs out.  Also contact Ian if you have any questions.

1/18/16 - Randy Rowley & Ken Miller - 18 teal and 5 shovelers (spoonbills)

1/18/16 hunt – 23 ducks
2/4/19 FCS Meeting and Wild Game Dinner

Our next FCS Meeting (social activity) will be on Monday, 2/4/19, 7:00 – 9:30 PM at Ron Denison’s home (1009 Ambrose Cv., Pflugerville, 512-670-7717 – Home, 512-217-4677 – Cell).  The meeting will feature a wild game dinner.  The cost will depend on how many people bring wild game but should be approximately $5/person.  RSVP is required to Randy Rowley to ensure that we’ll have enough food.  RSVP to (his preference) or 512-922-2484 before 2/3/19.  Contact Randy if you have any questions.


7:00 PM – fellowship, cook,  and eat dinner

8:30 PM – president’s report, upcoming events, and short devotional

9:00 PM – DVD

9:30 PM – depart

2/15/19  – 2/17/19 Self-guided Hog Hunt

FCS will host a Hog Hunt on Friday, 2/15/19 – Sunday, 2/17/19 at FCS member Ronnie Ross’ deer lease between Goldthwaite and Brownwood.  It has seven blinds with feeders, three of which can hold two hunters, for a total of 10 hunters.  There is also a trap and a couple places to put snares.  There is no limit on hogs taken or kill fees.  Hunters will need to clean hogs themselves.  The property includes a cabin that has water, electricity, beds, a full kitchen, a shower, and a toilet.

The cost is $100 for the weekend.  Ronnie will also consider trading labor for the weekend of hunting.  The cost includes lodging, but hunters will need to cook their own food. There is no charge for minors hunting with a parent.  (As with all of our events preference is given to adult hunters; if we are hosting an event with space limitations.)  If more than 10 hunters are interested, we can do more than one weekend.

RSVP to Randy Rowley at (his preference) or 512-922-2484.  As Randy is spending his piggy bank money on guided duck hunts, he’ll probably need an on-the-ground leader for this hunt.  Let me know if you’re interested in leading it.

Christopher Ross with a hog that he shot on 11/10/18 on Ronnie’s lease


Event participants are expected to follow the FCS Rules of Conduct.

Event participants will be required to sign FCS liability waivers for events that involve risks, if they have not already done so.

FCS membership is not required in order to participate or attend FCS events; however, if you are interested here is how to join.

Members and guests, feel free to bring your spouse, child, and/or a friend (but RSVP for him, her, or them and pay in advance, if required).

People who are 18 years of age or older are considered to be adults for purposes of figuring out a person’s share of lodging, gas, etc.  For dividing up food costs, for example, minors may be treated as adults, depending on their size (e.g., a 12-year-old boy who eats as much as a man will be charged as a man, and not as a child).

The event coordinators are told dozens of things each work day.  They also are told numerous things pertaining to FCS each week.  With the amount of information that they receive they will inevitably forget some of it.  Therefore, it is much better for you to RSVP via email than to call them.  (If you call them, please follow it up with an email.)  Some events have space limitations and the event coordinators have to ensure that we do not bring too many people.  Please help them to prevent overbooking by emailing your RSVP to them.  Also, if you text them be sure to let them know who you are.

Be aware that for events where we have a limit on the number of people that we can take that the hierarchy preference is as follows:

  1. Supporting members
  2. Spouses and minor children of supporting members
  3. Members who are not current with their dues
  4. Spouses and minor children of members who are not current in their dues
  5. Guests
  6. Spouses and minor children of guests

To quote the old American Express TV commercial “Membership has its privileges.”


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