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How to post in Facebook

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FCS has a group page on Facebook!  Anyone can view the page, like posts, and comment on posts.

The primary benefit of this page is we can engage in discussions much easier than we can on the website on a myriad of topics and it exposes the Club to anyone looking for a hunting, fishing, and clay target shooting club on Facebook.

  • To post your thoughts, pictures, and videos:
  • Go to the FCS Facebook page (you’ll need to log on to Facebook; if you don’t have a Facebook account you’ll need to create one).
  • Request to join/become a member.  Once approved by me, you can post.
  • At the middle top it states “write something” – if all you want to do is write something like “does anyone know a good place to hunt for squirrels?” type your question or statement in there.
  • In the middle (to the right of “Write Post”) is “Upload Photo / Video”  If you want to upload a picture or video, click there.  Then click “Upload Photos/Video”.  If you’re using your computer you’ll be taken to your hard drive.  If you’re using your smart phone you’ll be taken to the App that houses your photos and videos.  Select the picture(s)/video(s) that you want to share.  You can also say something about the photo(s) or video(s) in the “Say something about your photo” section (above the thumbnail of the picture or video that you selected.
  • Click “Post.”
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