Custom Knife Maker Wally Pollock by Ryan Rowley

Ryan Rowley recommends custom knife maker Wally Pollock. Wally, a Vietnam veteran, broke off a Ka-bar in the rib cage of a Viet Cong soldier during the war and was consequently bayoneted in the stomach. He vowed to never carry a cheap knife again and started making his own.

He’s spent 30 years learning and perfecting the art of knife making. You can go out and buy cheaper knives than Wally’s but, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Each of his knives is uniquely designed, and made by hand. A lot of time, effort, detail, and craftsmanship go into his knifes.
If you buy a knife from him there will be no other knife in the world quite like yours. He charges what he considers to be a fair price for his materials and labor. He says that you don’t get Rembrandts at Wal-Mart! He guarantees all of his work for normal use (you’re on your own if you use your knife as a hammer). 
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