Guests’ Articles and Links Submission Policy


We’ve received several requests from non-FCS members to submit ‘guest articles’ to be posted on our website on topics ranging from air mattresses to wedding dresses.  We’ve also received several requests from non-FCS members to post links on our Links page that have nothing to do with what we do – hunt, fish, sports shoot, and speak to Christianity.  Web experts say that most such requests are SEO scams or sponsored posts (designed to bring revenue to the requester’s host/client by using other people’s websites to do it).

Our Bylaws state:

III.  Membership:

1. A prospective FCS member will receive FCS emails at his or her request or the request of an FCS member on the prospective member’s behalf.  Submissions from prospective FCS members (men and women who are not FCS members) will not be posted on the FCS website.

So unless you’re an FCS member, the answer is “No,” automatically.  And if you were an FCS member, it wouldn’t be a ‘guest article,’ it would be a ‘member article.’  Articles and links submitted by members must be consistent with what we do – hunt, fish, or sports shoot, and speak to Christianity, as our Bylaws state:

II.  Statement of Purpose:

FCS is a non-denominational, non-political, family-friendly sportsmen’s club founded in Austin, Texas in 1988 by a group of Christian sportsmen.

Here is Membership Information and How to Join.

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