Semi-guided Hog Hunt Rotation


The following is a rotation list for semi-guided hog hunts.

Here are a few pictures from our most successful hunts:


  • Hunt fee (varies per ranch).
  • Hog cleaning fees (if applicable).
  • Hunting license (only required on public land).
  • Weapon of choice and ammo (note that some ranches limit what weapon and/or ammo you can use and how many shells you can have in your gun; for example, some ranches do not allow buckshot, calibers smaller than .243, or more than three shells in your gun.  For recommendations on guns and ammo see Hog Hunting Basics.
  • Headlamp or cap light.
  • Spotlight for night hunting (see Hog Hunting Basics).
  • Camo outer hunting clothes (including a face mask or face paint – absolutely essential).  If rain is predicted bring rain gear.
  • A Thermacell is highly recommended to repel bugs.  Bug sprays are not recommended (hogs will smell it and won’t come anywhere near you).
  • Food (if the ranch does not provide it)
  • Drinks and snacks (optional; drinks are highly recommended).
  • Camping gear (if we’re camping).
  • Game cleaning tools (knives, sharpeners, saw, loppers, etc.).
  • A large ice chest to take your hog(s) home in (if you get any).
  • Corn, if the ranch requires it.  Hog bait is also recommended.

Randy Rowley has extras of many of the items that are listed above and will happily loan things if you let him know that you would like to borrow something before you leave.  Of course, if you borrow something and break or lose it he will expect reimbursement.

Here is our Hog Hunting Checklist.

Being on this rotation is a privilege and is not an FCS membership benefit.  This rotation is a service to FCS members and guests, but the Event Coordinator/Leader will enforce the below expectations.  Randy Rowley has and will remove people from the rotation for violations of the expectations, which include (this list is not all-inclusive):

  • Hunt in a safe manner, follow the Event Coordinator’s/leader’s instructions and the land owner’s rules, and abide by the FCS Shooting and Hunting Rules.
  • Pay for your share of gas, food (if applicable), and motel rooms (if applicable).
  • Pay for items (that are not yours) that you broke or lost.
  • Help.
  • Show up.
  • Be on time.
  • Don’t have a pattern of canceling at the last minute.
  • Return the Event Coordinator’s/leader’s phone calls, emails, and/or texts, if he asks a question or asks you to acknowledge something.

The following people who are on the Semi-guided Hog Hunt Rotation for 2021 (as stated in How the Rotations Work, the Event Hierarchy applies):

  1. Mike Smith
  2. Steve Fusco
  3. Isaac Lieb (Isaac, Ted and Blake Lieb prefer to go on hunts together)
  4. Jim McGee
  5. Robert Ochoa
  6. Monalisa Almanza and one of her minor sons
  7. Larry Mitchell
  8. Jose Primera
  9. Jonathan Fleming
  10. Greg Moerbe
  11. Dan Ahlfield
  12. Edwin Zamora
  13. Mike Pozhenko
  14. Don Hebert and his minor son
  15. Patrick Kelley
  16. Steven Babin
  17. Randy Rowley
  18. Ken Miller
  19. Ted Lieb (Ted, Blake, and Isaac Lieb prefer to go on hunts together)
  20. Blake Lieb (Blake, Ted, and Isaac Lieb prefer to go on hunts together)
  21. Burl Fulenwider
  22. Christian Bana

Let Raul Pena know if you would like to be added to this rotation by sending an email (his preference) or at 210-364-0720.  Individuals added after 2/19/20 will be placed at the bottom of the rotation.  Also, let Raul know if you have any questions.

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