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We have 295+ members.

FCS membership is not required in order to participate in FCS events.  We have people who have attended our events for years who have never joined.  We also have people who joined years ago and pay their dues regularly, but have never attended one of our events (they just want to support a Christian sportsmen’s club).  However, be aware that for events where we have a limit on the number of people that we can take that the hierarchy preference is as follows:

  1. Supporting members
  2. Spouses and minor children of supporting members
  3. Members who are not current with their dues
  4. Spouses and minor children of members who are not current in their dues
  5. Guests
  6. Spouses and minor children of guests

For example, if we are hosting a fishing trip and two boats are committed that can hold four people each (a total of eight people) and a supporting member and a guest want the eighth spot, the supporting member will get the spot.  To quote the old American Express TV commercial “Membership has its privileges.”  A strategy to ensure that you’ll have a spot is to join or renew your membership (if your membership has expired), as applicable.

Church membership or attendance and being a Christian are not required in order to join FCS. We are not a church.  Even if we were I don’t know any who don’t let people attend who are not members.  Yes, there are churches who will not let someone join unless he or she professes Jesus as Savior and Lord, but, again, we’re not a church.  One of our bylaws is to challenge people to establish and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and we can’t do that if we don’t let non-Christians attend events.  But this is mostly a mute point – we very rarely have people attend who known that they’re not Christians.

FCS membership is available to men and women, 18 years old and older, without regard to race, national origin, age, denominational preference, or political persuasion. Members consist of those men and women who have expressed a desire to be a member by completing an FCS Membership Application, including pledging that they will adhere to the FCS Safety, Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, and Camping Rules (located in the FCS Bylaws) while on FCS events, have paid at least a one-year FCS membership due, and have signed an FCS Release of Liability Waiver (if they are going to participate in events that involve potential hazards).  The only difference between supporting FCS members and FCS members is supporting FCS members are current in their dues.  Membership dues are used to pay FCS expenses.

The FCS Membership Application and Release of Liability Waiver only need to be completed once (they do not need to be completed again when a member renews his or her membership).

Participation in events is not a requirement of membership; however, it is strongly encouraged. The more that a person participates the more likely it is that he or she will feel that he or she is a part of the organization.  It is also more likely that he or she will develop friendships.  It’s a totally different thing to shoot sporting clays, for example, with a bunch of strangers than it is to shoot with a bunch of friends.

Supporting FCS members benefits include:

  • make amendment proposals to the FCS Bylaws and/or Statement of Faith;
  • make expenditure proposals;
  • participate in all supporting FCS member discussions and votes;
  • check out (borrow) FCS equipment items, videos, and books; and
  • have their articles, hunting and fishing stories, jokes, links recommendations, members’ profile, pictures, poems, products and services reviews and recommendations, recipes, safety tips, and useful information for sportsmen submissions posted on the FCS website.

New and renewing FCS members do not receive FCS Gear as a membership benefit; however, they, and future members, can purchase FCS Gear at any time.

All FCS members will have their devotionals, classified ads, praises, and prayer requests submissions posted on the FCS website.

FCS membership begins when we receive an applicant’s FCS Membership Application and dues payment.

Minors cannot become members until they turn 18.  All minors who do not have a parent, guardian, or conservator who is a FCS member are required to complete a Liability Waiver prior to participation in FCS events that involve potential hazards.  All minors must secure parental, guardian, or conservator permission in order to participate in FCS events and purchase FCS Gear.

All minors must be supervised by a responsible adult while on FCS events.  For minors who do not have a parent, guardian, or conservator who can come to events to supervise them, we may be able to loan them a responsible adult supervisor.

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