Kill Lights by Eddy Chance and Randy Rowley

A must for hunting hogs at night is the Elusive Wildlife Kill Light XLR 250.  The XLR 250 is only 7 inches long and only weighs approximately 9 ounces with the battery.  It is made out of T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum with a clear glass lens.  There are no filters involved.  They use a special CREE LED that emits an incredible amount of light through an extremely accurate and focused highly polished reflector to achieve long-range distance.

The Light with their green LED will run for 2 – 4 hours continuous per battery (not that you would want to do that while hunting). The light only takes one battery and you get two with the package so you will always have a backup.  It attaches to your scope using an easy-to-attach bracket.
The light comes standard with a tactical tail cap with wire and remote mount pressure switch with Velcro but can be ordered with a tactical style wired remote on/off switch with Velcro instead of the pressure.  Just type in a small comment on your order stating the type of switch you would like to receive.  The light also comes with a standard tail-cap with a push-button on-off switch like a flashlight.
There are green, red, and white lens versions.  Green lights the farthest, is the easiest for the human eye to see, and spooks game the least.  The light starts at $120 (for the “essentials” package).  There are now adjustable focus and 500 and 750-yard versions.  At least Jim McGee, Frank Hamilton, Ron Denison, Ken Miller, Jim Gault, and Randy own these lights.

They also sell the Piglet Archery Light that starts at $120.

They also sell the Kill Light Feeder Light that starts at $70 that attaches to the bottom of a feeder magnetically or with three screws.  It can be turned off and on manually or by a wireless remote (works up to 175 yards away; sells separately).  It is powered by four C batteries.  It can also be powered continuously via a 20-watt solar panel (sells separately).  Eddy purchased one and connected it to a 12-volt jell cell battery with a solar panel.  He left it out all year long and when he went out to fill the feeder recently it was still working.  He’s killed several hogs and one coyote using this light.

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