FCS Library

FCS has DVD’s, a book, cartoon books, and devotional booklets that are available for check out by supporting FCS members only.
The DVD library includes:
  • Brush Country Bucks
  • Calling All Coyotes
  • Close Encounters A Fair Chase Venture into the Heart of God
  • Duck Commander’s A Fistful of Ducks (The Duckmen Ride Again – Duckmen 12)
  • Duck Commander’s Duckmen X Relentless
  • Duck Commander’s The Duckmen 8 How the West Was Won (Wanted Dead or Alive)
  • Extreme Aerial Bowfishing
  • Extreme Spring 7 The Obsession (turkey hunting)
  • Fallin’ Skies 3
  • Hog Wild 1
  • Hog Wild 2
  • Hunting Adventures VIII
  • Mastering the Art – Guide to Calling Deer
  • Mastering the Art – Guide to Calling Waterfowl
  • Mission: Green (goose and duck hunts)
  • North American Big Game II
  • Raging Boars III
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: A Day with Knight and Hale
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: A Look at Life from a Deer Stand
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: Bravehearts
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: C’Mere Deer Whitetail Camp
  • Spiritual Outdoors Adventures: Resource Kit (includes Bear Essentials, Scouting for Success, A Look at Life from a Deer Stand, Bravehearts, One More Day and Talk the Talk)
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: Talk the Talk with the Duck Man
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: The Brahma Buck
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: The Complete Season 12
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures: The Complete Season 10
  • The Greatest Whitetail Hunt
  • The Truth 2 Incoming (duck hunting)
  • The Truth 4 Incoming (duck hunting)
  • The Truth 11 Big Bucks
  • The Verminators Bowmania
  • Ultimate Spring Longbeard Quest XI
  • Whack ’em & Stack ’em 2
  • Whistling Wings 9 The Sky’s the Limit
  • Whitetail Fever 3
  • Xtreme Whitetails 3
The book library includes:
  • Armageddon, Oil, and Terror (donated by Richard Garrett)
The cartoon book library includes:
  • Bass Fever
  • Buck Fever
  • Duck Fever
The devotional booklet library includes:
  • Devotions for Deer Hunters Volume II
  • Devotions for Deer Hunters Volume III
  • Devotions for Deer Hunters Volume IV
  • Devotions for Dog Lovers
  • His Biggest Catch
  • The Story of the Prodigal Pooch
DVDs, books and booklets can be checked out by Supporting FCS members only.  The following rules apply:
  • Items from the FCS Library can only be checked out one week at a time.
  • Failure to comply with this rule will revoke a members privilege to check out items from the FCS library.
Supporting members can contact Randy Rowley at or 512-922-2484 to check out one or more of DVDs, books or booklets.

Bible verse of the day

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

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