Holiday Inn Padre Island North by Dennis Koch

We made reservations for the Holiday Inn Padre Island North in Corpus Christi.  This actual hotel is under renovation.  Holiday Inn (IHG) bought the property across the street and used the same name.  We thought we were getting a beachfront hotel, instead got an “across the street, down a grassy path” hotel.

My review on the hotel’s website:

I stayed at “Holiday Inn Padre Island North” twice in the last five years. I made my reservation through the IHG phone app.  It did not say, BTW, this is not the beachfront property you knew from 2 yrs ago.  As of 04-19-19, The real Holiday Inn North Padre Island is CLOSED.  It was damaged by the hurricane months ago & is under repair.  IHG bought the hotel across the street and calls it by the same name.  NOT on the beach, NO outdoor tiki bar as pictures from and many other travel sites depict.

On the hotel’s website, I clicked the Google map for the exact location.  It gave the info for the old property including old pictures from the old hotel with the beach in the background.  Today, 04-22-19, I reviewed the SAME website, there are more pictures from the current property.  I found all this out the day before my arrival.

Since this was not beachfront like I wanted, I was told by IHG Cust Serv & the hotel, I could cancel my reservation, but will cost me one night ($220/Fri rate).  We went anyway.  The 1st room REEKED of MOLD.  The 2nd room ALMOST as bad. The guy sprayed Fabreeze, it helped for 10 minutes.  Other guests told me their room smelled of mold.

After check out, I realized I left an $18 item in the room. My wife called back, they said it was not there.  I called and insisted it was there.  They found it but wanted $25 + postage to ship it to me. Also, the door’s lock did not engage.  The breakfast was not bad.

Lesson learned, directly call the hotel and ask questions before making reservations through the phone app.

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