Moultrie 330 lb. Digital Scale by Randy Rowley

After having broken two dial scales in short order (one of which only survived the weighing of one 270 lb. hog that Ronnie Ross and I shot), Daryl Shipper and I bought a Moultrie 330 lb. Digital Scale for the Club.  Unlike dial scales, it does not have springs and coils that can break.  It’s compact, easy to read and operate, and accurately measures the weight of game animals.   Batteries are included.

So far it has survived weighing numerous deer and hogs without a hitch.  The only problem I have had with it is you have to turn it on before you hang your animal and then read the scale before it turns off (if you turn it on after the animal is hanging it will only read zero).
They sell for $49.99 at Cabela’s.
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