No Refunds are Guaranteed for Landowner, Outfitter, or Guide Fees, and Some Lodging Fees Paid in Advance


Refunds are not guaranteed once an event’s event coordinator has made a group’s payment to the landowner, outfitter, or guide for an event and for Airbnb and some other lodging providers’ lodging.  If a refund is possible the event coordinator or president will convey the contact information of the landowner, outfitter, or guide so the person who changed his mind can attempt to get fees back.  The event coordinator or president will just convey the contact information – they will not be the middleman.

If a refund is not possible, the event coordinator or president will email the Club to let everyone know that a hunter or fisherman wants to sell his spot and lodging (if applicable) and that payment will be made to him (as the president did twice in August 2021 for hunters on the Bartlett dove lease who changed their minds after paying for their spots) but they’ll be the mailman and not the middleman.  If the event coordinator or president receives complaints from potential buyers of a spot that the seller isn’t responding to them (as has happened), he’ll try to contact the seller and find out why they aren’t responding.  If the seller’s reason for not responding isn’t a good one or they don’t respond to him, he’ll email the Club to let everyone know that the spot and lodging (if applicable) is no longer available.

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