Big Game Hunts

11/25/18 Wayne Weilnau’s 19 1/2″ inside spread eight pointer

11/25/18 Mary Nell Thompson with her eight pointer

11/10/18 Christopher Ross with a hog that he shot between the eyes

10/27/18 Christopher Ross’ first deer – a 9 point

10/26/18 Jim McGee’s 9 point buck shot near Lago Vista with a crossbow at 30 yards

1/15/18 Las Catatrinas Ranch (across from the Y.O. Ranch) near Junction

Charles Batts and Ashley Howard (his granddaughter) with her Black Hawaiian ram

Ashley Howard with her Black Hawaiian Ram

1/21/17 – Bob Steckler with Dan Rogers Deer Hunt


Bob again

1/15/16 – 1/17/16 Semi-guided Deer and Hog Hunt near San Saba

1/16/16 - San Saba Hunt - Ken Miller

Ken Miller

1/16/16 - San Saba Hunt

Luke Snow

1/16/16 - San Saba Hunt - Burl Fulenwider

Burl Fulenwider

1/16/16- San Saba Hunt - cleaning party

Cleaning party

1/8/16 – 1/10/16 Semi-guided Deer and Hog Hunt near San Saba

1/08-1/10/16 - Evans Ranch Deer Hunt

Jeff Asmussen and sons

1/10/16 - Evans Ranch - Stephen Marlow

Stephen Marlow

11/28/15 – Nathan Hardcastle’s first “forked horn” buck

11/28/15 - Nathan Hardcastle's first "forked horn" buck

11/14/15 – Allen Gann’s Buck

11/14/15 - Allen Gann's buck

11/14/15 – Ron Denison’s Buck

11/14/14 - Ron took this deer in Coleman county opening morning for gun season. Was a 175 yd shot. He is 19" wide and has 10 pts.

19″ wide and 10 points.  Taken at 175 yards.

1/14/15 - Ron Denison and buck

Ron and buck

11/09/15 – Jim McGee’s 13 point buck near Stonewall

11/09/15 - Jim McGee's 13pt buck in Stonewall

11/07/15 – Wayne Weilnau’s buck with 17.5 inch spread

11/07/15 - Wayne Weilnau's buck wth 17.5 inch spread - nice and fat

10/30/15 – Mark Dillow’s Deer & Hog Hunt

10/31/15 - Mark Dillow's hog

Mark’s hog

10/31/15 - Mark Dillow - Big Bruser Deer

Mark’s 11 pointer

10/21/15 Charles Batts with mule deer buck taken on public land – 176+ green score with lots of kickers

10/18/15 - Charles Batts - Public land. 176 +~ green score. Lots of kickers

12/17/14 – David Smith – Deer Hunt

12/17/14 - David Smith & buck


David Smith's shot on 12/17/14 after mounting

David buck after mounting

12/29/14 – Charles Batts’ Guitar (signed by Ted Nugent)
122914_Charles Batts signed guitar
12/13/14 Alex Denison with his 10 point buck

12/13/14 - Jake Denison - 10 pt buck

11/29/14 Ron Denison’s 14 1/2″ wide 9 point buck near Trickham – 225 yard neck shot

11/29/14 - Ron Denison Shot this nine pt at Franks. He is 14.5 wide. Shot at 225 yds In the neck when his head was down.

6/19/14 – Vancouver Island – Bear Hunt
6/19/14 - Vancouver Island - Charles & Joan Batts with Jim Shockey Outfitters

Charles and Joan Batts with Jim Shockey Outfitters

6/19/14 - Charles Batts w/bear on Vancouver Island using Jim Shockey Outfitters


4/06-08/14 Semi-guided Hog Hunt near Gonzales
4/06-4/08/14 - Hog Hunt - Tom Lieb's sons

Ted Lieb’s sons

4/06-4/08/14 - Hog Hunt - Tom Lieb's sons

Ted Lieb’s sons again

4/06-4/08/14 - Hog Hunt - Tom Lieb's sons

Ted Lieb’s sons again

2/21-23/14 – Self-guided Quail & Hog Hunt near Trickham

2/21/-2/23/13 - Self Guided Quail & Hog Hunt - Randy Rowley

Randy Rowley

2/21/-2/23/13 - Self Guided Quail & Hog Hunt

Randy’s hog’s tusks

12/14/13 deer hunt

12/14/13 - Shemane Nugent & Charles Batts

Shemane Nugent & Charles Batts

Joan Batts & Ted Nugent at 12/14/13 Deer Hunt

Joan Batts & Ted Nugent

4/07/13 – 4/09/13 Semi-guided Hog Hunt near Gonzales 

Art Barrera

Dexter Travis

Jim McGee

Jose Primera

2/23/13 Ashley Howard’s (Charlie Batts’ grandaughter) Javelina near Freer

1/1/13 Mark Dillow’s 8 point buck

11/24/12 Mike Hardcastle’s 10 point buck near El Dorado

Jim McGee and his 9 point buck

Flint DeShazo and his mule deer in Colorado

10/26/13 Wayne Weilau’s first whitetail – 100 yard shot

10/26/13 - Wayne Weilnau - 1st whitetail - 100 yd shot

7-1-12 Hog Hunt on the YO Ranch near Junction

Charles Batts and Ashley Howard (his granddaughter) with her hog

Charles Batts and his hog

Charles Batts’ coyote

6/9/12 British Columbia Bear Hunt

Charles and Joan Batts

4/15/12 – 4/17/12 Semi-guided Hog Hunt near Gonzales

Art Barrera

Burl Fulenwider

Cezar Cervantes

Jim McGee

Marc Sherrin

Paul Irwin

Randy Rowley

Rich Beitel, Art Barrera, and Jim McGee


Watusi bull

1/14/12 Flint DeShazo’s bow hunt

Charles Batts and Ashley Howard (his granddaughter) with her Blackbuck at the Y.O. Ranch near Junction in 2011

Jim Gault at the Hunt Ranch near Round Rock with his doe in 2011

11/19/11 Mark Dillow’s hog
Report (by Mark Dillow)
Kevin and I were hunting our lease, when at right about 6:30 AM I heard Kevin shoot 3 times with his .44. Probably 30 seconds later two pigs ran into my feeder and started eating, but didn’t seem spooky at all. I drew the bow, but it was still dark enough that it was hard to make out anything more than a black blob. And of course they don’t stand still very long. So I waited maybe a minute to get the broadside I wanted on the larger of the 2 pigs and let fly. It was still so dark I couldn’t see the arrow’s flight, so I wasn’t sure how well I had hit her. I could hear the arrow hit home, but wasn’t for sure on the placement.
I wasn’t about to go tromping after her without some big caliber backup, so I waited in the stand until 9:30 in hopes that a buck would come in (never saw any deer though…I think it was too windy (15-20 mph) and that takes away their 2 main defenses, scent detection and hearing, so I think they just were hunkered down).
When I did start tracking, it was obvious I hat hit her hard – the blood trail was massive. She ran maybe 50 yards from where I hit her. Ronnie told me about the Rage broadheads, and I am sold on their performance.
Kevin Wall’s hog at his feeder (game camera) October 2011 

7/7/11 Y.O. Ranch near Junction

Ashley Howard and Charles Batts

3/25/11 – 3/27/11 Self-Guided Hog Hunt at the Walter’s Ranch near Jarrell

Paul Irwin

Jim Gault

David Chalmers and Paul Irwin putting out a game camera

1/29/10 – 1/31/10 Semi-guided Hog Hunt at the CZC Ranch near Mercury

Daryl Shipper, Kelvin Cheung, Warren Hoke, and Mike Shipper around the fire

The Shipper’s travel trailer (it was very welcome in the cold weather)

The Butane Tank Feeder

Ducks on the pond

5/1/09 – 5/3/09 Semi-guided Hog Hunt at the CZC Ranch near Mercury

Leroy Brigman and Ryan Rowley

Jim Gault

The Easy Chair stand

 3/27/09 – 3/29/09 Semi-guided Hog Hunt at the CZC Ranch near Mercury

Edward Terry, Jim McGee, and Randy Rowley with Randy’s hog

Jim McGee

Ken Miller

Edward Terry

Grady Van Heuverswyn



Jim McGee

Roy Brigman

Repairing the fence


Barb wire stand

2/6/09 – 2/8/09 Hog Hunt at the CZC Ranch near Mercury

Mark Dillow, Kevin Wall,

Ronnie Ross, and David Chalmers

Ronnie and his hog


Releasing a snare

Randy’s bullet that finished the hog

Kevin and hog

Kevin’s hog







1/16/09 – 1/18/09 Parent/Child Deer and Hog Hunt near Trickham


Isaac Price’s deer

Tim Price cleaning Isaac’s deer with Isaac and Tyler

Caleb and Darryl Shipper

Roy and Leroy Brigman

Jerry Stafford and son

Rick Zuniga and son

Frank Hamilton


Shooting range

5/2/08 – 5/4/08 Semi-guided Hog Hunt at the CZC Ranch near Mercury

Al Weiss and hog

Randy Rowley and hog

Jim McGee and bass

Tim Price and bass

Roy Brigman and bass

Isaac Price and bass

3/28/08 – 3/30/08 Seim-guided Hog Hunt at the CZC Ranch near Mercury

Daryl Shipper and his hog

Daryl and his hog again

John Bobo

Art Barerra

Mike Shipper

Randy Rowley cooking

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