Minstry Events

7/13/21 Wild Game Dinner at Pathway’s at Northgate

5/23/19 Wild Game Dinner at St. George’s Court

Ella and Daryl Shipper preparing food

Daryl getting deer steak ready to grill

Ella preparing deer steak to fry

Fish being prepared

Venison being cut up

Binh Chu – Grill Master with Daryl supervising

Randy Rowley – Fry Master

Harley Chu – Food Runner

5/24/18 Wild Game Dinner at St. George’s Court

Daryl and Ella Shipper

Binh Chu

Harley, Mason, and Katie Chu 


Today’s Devotionals and Blogs

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Bible Verse of the Day

A little that a righteous man has Is better than the riches of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, But the LORD upholds the righteous.