Range Shoots

9/28/15 – Archery Range

9/28/15 - Ashley Howard - Charles Batts' granddaughter at Archery Country

9/28/15 – Ashley Howard – Charles Batts’ granddaughter at Archery Country

4/17/10 Concealed Handgun License

(CHL) Class/CHL Renewal Class


Randy Gordon with a perfect 250/250 score

Kenneth Kidd with a perfect 250/250 score

Ken Miller with a 244/250 score

Chris Kidd, Ken and Randy Gordon with magazines ready

Jeff Cates, Kenneth, and Randy Rowley putting up targets

Chris, Ken, and Randy Gordon shooting

Mark Dillow shooting

Chris, Ken, and Randy Gordon shooting again

1/16/09 – 1/18/09 Father/Child Deer and Hog Hunt

The rifle range

Tim Price shooting

Jerry Strafford shooting

Leroy Brigman shooting

Isaac Price shooting

Darryl Swann’s son shooting

Rick Zuniga shooting

Rick’s son shooting

Darryl and Tim

1/1/09 “Bring in the New Year” Shooting Range Shoot 

Randy Rowley shooting a pistol

Chris Rowley shooting a pistol

Justin Painter shooting a pistol

Robin Painter shooting a pistol

Michael Guzman shooting a pistol

Brittany Guzman shooting a revolver

Randy shooting clays

Chris shooting clays

Justin shooting clays

Brittany shooting clays

 10/11/08 Turkey Shoot

Shooting line

Shooting line again

Shooting line again

Shooting line again

Members and Guests Shooting Range Shoots

Randy Rowley and Roy Brigman on 4/5/09

Roy Brigman on 4/5/09

Ryan Rowley shooting on 12/27/03

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