Hunt Ranchette near Round Rock

The relentless suitor 10/6/18

One of the does the buck was pursuing

Another one of the does the buck was pursuing

8 pointer 1/8/11

1/2/11 – 3 pointer (Ron Denison shot him about 10 minutes later)

11/26/10 – 8 pointer and does

11/26/10 – Ryan Rowley (in Tim Price’s ladder stand)

11/14/10 – spike (just before Randy Rowley shot him)

11/14/10 Ryan Rowley looking at doe

11/14/10 – Ryan Rowley shooting doe

12/20/09 – three pointer, moments before Randy Rowley shot him

Randy Rowley in the gazebo

Eddy Chance’s Lease near Eden

Broken horn buck on 12/3/05

8 point buck on 12/03/05

Bucks on 10/9/05

Deer on 10/9/05

Turkeys on 10/3/05

Ewald Ranch

Turkeys on 9/25/05

Geese on 1/9/05

Daryl and Mike Shipper’s Evant Lease

A buck in 11/09

Another buck in 11/09

Haun Ranch

Running buck 11/27/04

J.B. Hunting Ranch near Blessing

Rams at a 12/29/02 – 12/30/02 hog hunt

Kanapick Dove Lease

Dove on 9/25/98

More dove on 9/25/98

Ponderosa Ranch (Daryl and Mike Shipper’s lease)

8 pointer

Another buck


Y.O. Ranch

Mr. Charles Batts and his granddaughter, Ashley Howard, and her Axis doe, shot with a crossbow on the Y.O. Ranch on 12/11/10

Ashley Howard and Ted Nugent (yes, THE Ted Nugent) at the Y.O. Ranch on 12/11/10

Mr. Charles Batts and Ted Nugent

Ted and Charles

Ted’s drawing in one of Charles’ blinds

Charles Batts and a feeder built by Eddy Chance – 8/12/06

Bucks – 8/12/06

8 pointer

White Fallow buck – 8/12/06

Chocolate Fallow buck – 8/12/06

Other Ranches

Richard Garrett and his 22″ Blackbuck Antelope, killed on 1/24/10 near Lampassas. Richard had seen this buck, off and on, for seven years.

A herd of whitetail and axis deer on a ranch near Campwood. A truck hauling a very large hopper pours what an estimated 2000 lbs. of corn on the main road of a 10,000 acre ranch.

An elk on a ranch (unknown name) near Mercury on 12/17/05

Herd of elk

A Blackbuck Antelope on another ranch (unknown name) near Mercury on 12/17/05

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