Hunt Ranchette near Round Rock

The relentless suitor 10/6/18

One of the does the buck was pursuing

Another one of the does the buck was pursuing

8 pointer 1/8/11

3 pointer 1/2/11

An 8 pointer and does 11/26/10
Ryan Rowley 11/26/10

Spike 11/14/10

11/14/10 Ryan Rowley looking at a doe

11/14/10 – Ryan Rowley shooting a doe

Randy Rowley in the gazebo

9/18/15 – 9/20/15 Dove Retreat (Trickham)

9/18/15 - 9/20/15 Trickham Dove Retreat


9/07/13 Dove Hunt with Fred Knippa

Waiting on the rain to stop

Uvalde Dove Hunt

George Solis

Bible Study with Ron Burgi, Rupert De Los Santos, Tom Parish, and Kent Cooper

Kevin Wall’s hog at his feeder (game camera) October 2011 

9/10/11 Lometa Blast and Cast

Teal decoys on the pond

1/29/10 – 1/31/10 Semi-guided Hog Hunt at the CZC Ranch near Mercury

Daryl Shipper, Kelvin Cheung, Warren Hoke, and Mike Shipper around the fire

12/20/09 – a three-pointer, moments before Randy Rowley shot him

Eddy Chance’s Lease near Eden

Broken horn buck on 12/3/05

8 point buck on 12/03/05

Bucks on 10/9/05

Deer on 10/9/05

Turkeys on 10/3/05

Ewald Ranch

Turkeys on 9/25/05

Geese on 1/9/05

Daryl and Mike Shipper’s Evant Lease

A buck in 11/09

Another buck in 11/09

Haun Ranch

Running buck 11/27/04

J.B. Hunting Ranch near Blessing

Rams at a 12/29/02 – 12/30/02 hog hunt

Kanapick Dove Lease near Dilley

Dove on 9/25/98

More dove on 9/25/98

Ponderosa Ranch (Daryl and Mike Shipper’s lease)

8 pointer

Another buck


Y.O. Ranch

Ashley Howard and Ted Nugent at the Y.O. Ranch on 12/11/10

Mr. Charles Batts and Ted Nugent

Ted and Charles

Ted’s drawing in one of Charles’ blinds

Charles Batts and a feeder built by Eddy Chance – 8/12/06

Bucks – 8/12/06

8 pointer

White Fallow buck – 8/12/06

Chocolate Fallow buck – 8/12/06

Other Ranches

A herd of whitetail and axis deer on a ranch near Campwood. A truck hauling a very large hopper pours what an estimated 2000 lbs. of corn on the main road of a 10,000 acre ranch.

An elk on a ranch (unknown name) near Mercury on 12/17/05

Herd of elk

A Blackbuck Antelope on another ranch (unknown name) near Mercury on 12/17/05

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