Primos Double Bull Tri Stool and Summit Trail Tripod Folding Chair


Some of you have seen my Primos Double Bull Tri Stool and asked me about it.  I like it a lot because it has two straps for back support instead of one, which is what is typically included for such chairs.  It also holds up to 300 lbs., folds up neatly, and has a plastic clip on a strap to keep it from unfolding.  It doesn’t have any arms but, as I primarily use it for duck and dove hunting, I don’t want chair arms for my shotgun to get caught on while I mount my gun.

I discovered that Summit Trail makes a substantially similar one, called the Tripod Folding Chair.  The only difference that I can see between the two is it has a darker camo pattern than the Double Bull and it sells for $2.36 less than the cheapest price that I’ve found for a Double Bull.

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