The Real Sandy Hook Conspiracy – Disarm America


It would be very easy to think that the threat to our 2nd Amendment freedom is over now that the “assault weapon” ban has been removed from the proposed national anti-gun legislation.  All we have left in the current version are “universal background checks, and everyone supports that, right?  Wrong!  Nobody wants guns in the hands of criminals and those who would harm others, but statistically those people don’t get their guns through any legal channels.

All this new “universal background check” scheme will accomplish is the creation of national mandatory gun registration system.  Within a generation at most, every gun will be registered to an individual in America, and that is a disaster waiting to happen.  Gun confiscation always follows gun registration throughout history, and there is nothing to say that today’s politician would-be dictators are any better than the despots of previous generations.  And yes folks, it can happen here.  It is crucial that we win this fight, and that means that everyone needs to contact their legislators by the beginning of next week.  “Universal background checks” has got to be dead on arrival.  The real Sandy Hook conspiracy doesn’t need a theory.  We have now faced a sustained and well funded attack on our 2nd Amendment freedom that is unprecedented, and this is most likely only the beginning.  Click here to read more.

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