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3/3/18 Guided Upland Bird Hunt

6/24/13 Hybrid Bass Fishing Trip

[windowsmedia] Bass Fishing Trip_Video 1.MOV[/windowsmedia]

[windowsmedia] Bass Fishing Trip_Video 2.MOV[/windowsmedia]

[windowsmedia] Bass Fishing Trip_Video 3.MOV[/windowsmedia]

[windowsmedia] Bass Fishing Trip_Video 4.MOV[/windowsmedia]

1/25/13 – 1/27/13 Coastal Duck Hunt

[windowsmedia] Duck Hunt_012513.AVI[/windowsmedia]

12/11/11 – 12/13/11 Coastal Duck Hunt

[windowsmedia] Duck Hunt_121311_1.AVI[/windowsmedia]

[windowsmedia] Duck Hunt_121311_2.AVI[/windowsmedia] 

[windowsmedia] Duck Hunt_121311_3.AVI[/windowsmedia] 

[windowsmedia] Duck Hunt_121311_4.AVI[/windowsmedia] 

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