Why do some FCS events cost so much/cost so little?


We try to find a balance between expensive and inexpensive events.  Through years of experience, we have learned that inexpensive hunting and fishing trips often result in poor harvests (you get what you pay for) and in frustrated participants who will not return.  We prefer to pay a standard landowner/outfitter/guide rate to have a better chance of success.  Additional expenses often include tips for guides, game cleaning fees (for those who wish to have their game cleaned), motel rooms, gas, and food.  But we also understand that not everyone can afford expensive events; therefore, we offer events with minimal costs.  At many events we are able to cut expenses by carpooling, sharing motel rooms, camping, and cooking out.

Many of our events are very affordable. The only required expense for our self-guided hog hunts is each hunter must bring corn to replenish the corn that the landowner threw out for him and shared gas and food.  Our self-chartered freshwater fishing trips usually only involve shared gas, a shared boat launch fee, and eating out one or two meals.  Our self-chartered bay fishing trips usually involve only shared gas, shared bait, and eating out.  Our self-guided duck hunts usually involve only shared gas and food and eating out one or two meals.  The cost for meetings is an optional meal fee (between $5.00 – $20.00, depending on what we’re cooking).  A round of sporting clays goes for $27.06.  Dove hunts cost $60.00 a day and up.

Our chartered bay and bass fishing trips, guided goose/duck/crane hunts, guided upland bird hunts, and semi-guided deer and hog hunts are held with reputable and experienced landowners, outfitters, and guides.  These events are more expensive but we do a lot of research to find the best deals for our bucks.  However, be aware that we do not offer a guaranteed harvest for any of the hunting or fishing trips that we book.

We are aware that expensive events usually are less well attended, but we are also aware that inexpensive events may be well attended one year but few people will attend them again because the results are often poor.

Hunting and fishing have become big business in Texas and across the country.  For example, years ago many farmers and ranchers would pay to have hunters remove hogs from their property.  Now most farmers and ranchers charge around $200/weekend for hunters to hunt their pigs.  Some even charge by the pound or the length of the tusk!  For the most part, the days of shooting a trophy animal for free are long gone.

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