Wing & Clay Shooting Sports is an Authorized Dealer for Lehman Optical


Wing & Clay Shooting Sports is an Authorized Dealer for Lehman Optical providing some of the finest shooting glasses in the Industry. Allan Lehman has been providing shooters with glasses since 1976 and is a licensed Optician and can provide your custom prescription in your new shooting glasses.
Available to my valued clients is a sample set with 5 different colors of lenses which you can try by appointment. These shooting glasses come with the All American frames which wrap slightly around the sides eliminating light gap. I have been shooting my new pair for about two weeks now, and I absolutely love them. I see targets more clearly than I have in years!
These glasses are priced right, and are a must have in your shooting arsenal.  Schedule an appointment with me, and I will fit you to the perfect set of frames and lenses. I know if you try them, you will want them just like I did.
Until next time…Keep your eye on the target!
Joe Schram
Wing & Clay Shooting Sports
“Awaken the Champion Inside You”

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