Prayer Requests Archive


08/28/23 – Dusty Hunt was involved in an accident at work that resulted in a bad cut to his mouth.  Pray that he will heal quickly.

10/10/22 – Roy Zengerle had eye surgery again on his left eye.  He hopes that this will clear up a problem from 10 years ago.  Pray that it does.

04/27/22 – Patrick Kelly has been having a lot of gastrointestinal issues over the last couple of weeks that haven’t gone away and it has been progressively getting worse.  He’s had lots of tests, and it’s looking like it may be heading towards surgical intervention.

1/14/22 – Roy Zengerle had successful eye surgery on 1/12/21.  The surgeon repaired the cornea and stopped the bleeding in the back of the eye.   Everything now looks good and there is no leaking in any area where the surgery was done.  He also had successful hand surgery on 12/28/21.  Pray for healing.

12/14/21 – Leanne Shipper, Daryl’s wife, had successful back surgery on 12/13/21.  They replaced her L4, L5, and L6 to resolve a structure issue and degeneration of those vertebrae.  She has been in miserable pain for some time with this.  Pray for healing and that this gives her some relief from pain.

12/13/21 – John Bobo’s daughter and two kids (Katie – 6 years old and Bubba – 20 months old) were out for a walk last Thursday and were attacked by a giant pit bull dog.  It almost bit Katie’s left ear off and got Bubba’s head in his mouth and bit him on the head and all over his face.  The kids have gone through surgery but are still in the hospital watching for any infection, especially for Bubba.  Doctors think they can reconstruct an ear for Katie.  Pray for physical and emotional healing.

10/25/21 – Christian Bana needs a bone graft to keep his upper implants stable.  Pray for good results.

10/20/21 – Chris Campbell requests prayer for his daughter Jasmin, age 18.  She wants to share her story with as many people as possible.  In November 2020 she had a pulmonary embolism.  In January 2021 she could not walk.  In March she was a quadriplegic.  On 4/14/21 (her 18th birthday) she had her first seizure/spasm and was diagnosed with Childhood Onset Stiff Person Syndrome on 5/5/21.  The seizure/spasms lock, twist, and squeeze her body and she is unconscious from 15 minutes to 14 hours.  She then sleeps for a long time.  It takes time to be able to talk again.  Each time is painful and hard to “come back” out of them.  If she doesn’t fight she doesn’t live.  She has had at least 6 weeks of IVIG treatments.  They take her down and don’t help.  Her Restart and medical THC helps her to get return and relief.  Jazmin is fed via GI tube and her body is shutting down on all counts.  Her doctors are wanting to put her in hospice.  Chris and Jasmin solicit prayers of the elders and righteous.

4/6/21 – Eddy Chance had successful ablation surgery on 4/6/21 to correct his atrial fibrillation (a-fib), which is an irregular heart beat that is often manifested as a rapid heart beat.  If it was not corrected, it presented a five times greater risk of stroke.  Pray for pain-free, complete healing.

3/17/21 – the front tire of John Murray’s bike hit an unseen rock on the evening of 3/16/21, causing him to wipe out.  He broke his collar bone and wrist and had a skull hemorrhage.  The good news is they were able to set his broken wrist without surgery and they are not seeing any additional bleeding from the hemorrhage.  Pray for complete healing.

12/14/20 – Chris Campbell’s daughter had to go to the ER on 11/6/20 for a blood clot in her right leg.  She was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism.  She is better, but please continue to pray.

11/18/20 – Jesse Price, age 97, fell on 11/13/20 and suffered a concussion, hematoma to his left forehead, and a black eye.  He is presently hospitalized.  Pray that he recovers quickly.  It was discovered on 11/18/20 that he has kidney disease.

11/15/20 – Raul Pena’s wife had her gall bladder removed.  Pray for continued healing.

11/2/20 – Stu Smithson had a microdiscectomy on 10/30/20.  He is already pain-free from the nerve and leg pain.  He needs a few weeks of healing and several months of rehab.  Pray for continued healing and that he will not require spinal fusion in the future.

6/26/20 – Becky Terry had colon surgery to address Diverticulitis.  Pray for continued recovery.

5/11/20 – Jesse Price fell and broke his hip.  He had successful surgery on 5/12/20.  Pray for complete healing.  Jesse is around 97 years old.

3/31/20 – many people are losing their jobs or getting temporarily laid off due to the pandemic, including FCS member Greg Moerbe.  Please pray for Greg and also pray for everyone that is impacted due to loss of jobs, financial hardship, our elderly population, and of course our healthcare workers.

2/03/20 – Erica Spies, Christian Spies’ wife, had open-heart surgery 1/29/20. The operation was a success, however, prayers are requested for a complete recovery, which will take some time.

1/20/20 – Mike Smith broke his left hand over the 1/18/20 – 1/19/20 weekend.  Pray for healing.

2/8/20 – Randy Pistole of Top Gun Taxidermy suffered a major heart attack on 8/23/19.  He has been admitted to a nursing home.  He has a long road in front of him.  He is making progress but it is slow.  He’s holding his head up on his own for a few minutes at a time and moving his left arm around some.  His hands remain crippled.

11/20/19 – Vicky McGee fell on 11/9/19 and broke her shoulder in three places.  She had surgery on 11/19/19.  They put in plates and pins for the broken ball and humerus bone.  Pray that she heals completely.

2/17/19 – Joe Schram had eye surgery.  Pray for complete healing.

2/16/19 – Mike Walsh’s brother-in-law is having complications from surgery and is in the ICU.  Pray for complete healing.

2/14/19 – Randy Rowley had successful surgery to correct a torn meniscus in his right knee.  Pray for complete healing.

1/1/19 – Roy Zengerle had successful eye surgery on 11/28/18.  He has recovered.

1/1/19 – Randy Rowley learned on 11/8/18 that he has a complete radial tear through the posterior horn/root junction of the medial meniscus in his left knee (the back of the knee).  The doctor gave him Cortisone shots in both knees (the right one was hurting more than the left one, probably from putting more weight on it).  Both knees are no longer bothering him.

12/9/16 – On 1/31/16 Samantha Suter (17 yr old daughter of FCS member Brian Suter) was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Below is an update.  Please pray for continued healing for her and for peace for the family.

Sam continues to get healthier and stronger every day.  We are still having weekly clinic visits, alternating between Houston and Austin, but at our last visit in Houston, the doctor said he thought after the holidays, we could start with clinic visits every other week, still alternating between Houston and Austin.  So that means only one trip to Houston each month!  And once Sam is weaned completely off of all of her medicines, then the visits to Houston will be even less frequent.  I really don’t know what the plan is for the future as far as the frequency of her check-ups go, but we will do whatever the doctors want to do to keep tabs on Sam’s health and recovery to make sure this leukemia doesn’t come back!

8/3/16 – FCS member Jesse Price fell and fractured his left hip last Wednesday night.  He had surgery at Dallas Baylor and was transferred to Legends in Greenville yesterday (room 304).  He’s doing well now, but has not started physical therapy yet.  Jesse is around 90 years old.

11/30/14 – Eddy Chance suffered a mini stroke caused by a small blood clot on 8/25/14. Pray for healing.

11/10/14 – Dick Matteson’s wife, Brigitte, is in Chemotherepathy. Pray for healing.

7/23/14 – Kenneth Kidd had a stroke around 4/23/14. He is home now. Pray for healing.

6/2/14 – Ross Proulx is serving our country in Afghanistan.  He was on patrol last week and stepped on a booby trap.  The trap included spring loaded hypodermic needles laced with human waste and other contaminants.  The needles penetrated his boot and deeply punctured his foot in multiple places.  He has developed a severe infection.  He has vasculitis extending from the foot to the hip and may need to have his foot amputated.  He is being transported to a hospital in Germany for medical treatment.  Please pray for complete healing and for his mother, who is beside herself with worry.

Ron Palmer was shot in the leg by a former employee on 4/30/14.  Ron returned fire and shot his assailant.  His injuries are described as life threatening.  For the story see  Ron says that only half of the above report is accurate.  Although Ron has recovered physically, pray for Ron’s emotional healing and that he will be no-billed.

5/10/14 – Wayne Weilnau took a tumble on his bike.  He injured his left shoulder and received several scrapes and bruises.  Pray for complete healing.

4/21/14 – Mike Coppedge had his left leg at his hip removed.  He is now home.  Pray for complete healing.

4/15/14 – John Neil’s cancer has returned.   The good news is that it is very small.  The bad news is that he is faced with an intensive chemotherapy regimen.  He will start treatment in one week.  His wife will give birth today or tomorrow.

4/1/14 –  George Solis’ wife, Aurora, has been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer that has migrated into her lymph nodes.  Please pray specifically for complete healing, for killing this cancer at its roots, and for their spiritual uplifting.   Also, please pray for the safety of their family as they are separated from their daughters during Aurora’s treatments.

2/20/14 – Harold McElfish had his hip replaced.  Pray that he will have a speedy recovery.

07/01/13 – Lyn Parks requests prayer for Evan Castner.  He’s 10 years old and had open heart surgery two weeks ago.  He went back into the hospital on Thursday of last week due to either blood clots or he had another heart attack. Please pray that Evan has a speedy and full recovery and that the doctors have clear vision and steady hands!

06/13/13 – Randall Klimek’s brother-in-law, Jimmy, has been having GI issues where his intestines are leaking into his stomach cavity. He had an operation on 5/27/13 and another one on 6/12/13. They do not know yet if the latest operation was successful. Please pray for him to be healed and for wisdom for the doctors.

06/09/13 – Paul Irwin’s wife Kathy was informed today that she will not be invited back to teach next year because of staffing cuts.  Paul and Kathy feel that they have reached the point where they cannot take any more.  It is very hard to take the continued rejection of job interviews without offers and business deals and promising possibilities that don’t go through.  It feels like they are being attacked.  Please pray for strength and renewed faith, Kathy will find a job with Leander ISD or another nearby public school for this fall, Paul’s business will grow or he is offered the right job, and they will stop worrying about finances and God will give them His peace.  Contact Paul at

05/22/13 – Dan Carlson requests prayer for the Boy Scouts of America – their foundational principles are under attack.

05/11/13 – Ryan Rowley tore a muscle and ligament in his hip/knee on a jump around March of 2012. He rushed through the healing process so he could deploy to Afghanistan six months later and reinjured it while he was deployed. Now he has damage to both knees and will require knee replacements to both knees. The army has been slow in getting him the treatment that he needs.

04/28/13 – Will Wade was hospitalized in March with his liver and kidneys shutting down. He went into cardiac arrest three times. He was discharged but then readmitted due to vomiting. He was discharged to home on 4/10/13. He is still in a lot of pain, expecially in his abdomen and has nausea. They have been trying to wean him off of pain meds, especially Morphine. He lost 45 lbs. of fluids during his last hospitalization. Food is tasting good to him again and his appetite is improving. He will stay at home with James and Mary until a nursing home is approved. Please pray for the following:

  • For the crucial healing and restoration of the liver
  • That he will sleep at night
  • For wisdom for the doctors and nurses as they care for Will
  • For strength for James and Mary

04/24/13 – Bob Gorham has returned home from the hospital. He was hospitalized on 3/28/13 due to abdominal pain and vomiting. He had a 7.5 hour long of surgery that included a small intestine resection. A home health nurse and physical therapy team will be working with him twice a week for three weeks. His strength is limited and he is weak. Please pray for Bob, his wife Donna, and the people who are treating him.

01/05/13 – Delia Geary’s friend Margie was taken to the hospital on 1/3/13. She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection with a temperature of 103. She was extremely fatigued, which affects her MS. She has been on IV antibiotics. Her temperature has come down some now and she seems to be stable.

12/4/12 – Harold Terry has the following prayer request for his wife, Becky:

After Becky worked 18 years with an amazing mission minded businessman the loss of most of her business has happened, not to their choosing. Please pray that God will take hold of the situation and all parties involved. Pray that God’s Will will be that Becky finds work as fulfilling and rewarding as she has been blessed with. Pray for God’s best for this businessman as it has been a blessing to all involved in his company.

10/8/12 – Jeff Reece had surgery to repair a hernia.  He got it from trying to keep up with his son.  Pray for complete healing.

9/26/12 – Delia Geary’s friend David was in a serious car accident on 9/14/12. He has a slightly ruptured spleen, which seems to be healing on its own and some minor internal bleeding. He has two broken ribs and a broken neck. His hands burn because of the damaged nerves in his neck. They will have to go thru his throat and place a plate in his neck to fuse/repair the vertebrae. His girlfriend, Chelsea, has a broken femur. The other three people in David’s car were also hurt. Somebody pulled out of a parking lot in front of them (apparently to cross the street) and they t-boned him. There were three in that other vehicle and all were hurt. Please pray for the healing of all eight people in this accident.

9/10/12 – Delia Geary is home recuperating from a successful heart procedure.  Her doctor said she is healing very well.  She experienced some shortness of breath at times but was told it is a side effect from the incisions in her heart that were healing up.  She should be completely healed in around seven weeks.  She has had no episodes of Atrial Fibrillation since she had her procedure on 7/30/12.  The doctor took her off one of her medications and she will start on an aspirin regime in 48 hours.  Pray for a speedy and complete recovery.

8/31/12 – Eddy Chance requests prayer for his friend – Monica.  She suffers from Celiac disease, which is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing nutrients from food that are important for her health.  The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat.  She was admitted to the Cedar Park ER on 8/13/12.  She was discharged on 8/31/12 but still needs our prayers for her recovery.

8/23/12 – Harry Biggs injured his right elbow at work on 11/29/11.  He had surgery to repair the damage on 8/17/12.  Pray for a speedy and complete recovery.

8/15/12 – Art Barrera requests prayer for his wife – Rose Ann.  She had a hip revision surgery last month and has had a rough convalescence period.  She had one of the recalled prosthetics and had to have it replaced.  Pray for a complete recovery.

6/7/12 – Dennis Koch ‘s job will be ending in October. Here is his profile – Pray that he will find a job before then.

6/4/12 – Eddy Chance requests prayer for Kelly Harrison. She has Fibromuscular dysplasia (narrowing (stenosis) of the artery caused by an excess of either the fibrous or muscular components of the arterial wall). She was hospitalized, but there is nothing else that they can do for her. She is in severe pain. Please pray for Kelly and the doctors and nurses attending her.

1/15/12 – Dennis Koch had a soft tissue growth in the abdomen about the size of half a banana. On 11/17/11 he had it removed. The surgery went well. Recovery will take several weeks. They found a carsinoid tumor in the small intestine and removed a portion of the intestine and resected the bowel. The tumor was so small; it did not show up on the scans. What showed up were enlarged lymph nodes. They were full of cancer and the doctor removed them. This type of cancer does not respond to traditional cancer therapy. The current treatment used is Sandostatin hormone therapy. This should control the growth and spread of the cancer. He will not require radiation; just a monthly shot that does not have side effects.

7/26/11 – Art Barrera’s wife, Rose Ann, has been dealing with an auto-immunity disorder and it’s been wreaking havoc on her. However, they trust in our Lord’s will and know that He will help her through this. Please keep the doctor’s in prayer too.

3/9/11 – Delia Geary’s friend, Maggie Alexander’s youngest son, Robbie, was being airlifted to a San Antonio hospital this morning. He has bleeding on the brain, and the doctor’s in Laredo could not find what was causing the bleeding. Please pray for his complete recovery.

3/3/11 – Ken Hamilton’s bosses kinfolk, Patrick Kenney, had a kidney transplant performed on 3/3/11. Please pray for a speedy and complete recovery.

1/16/11 – Larry Dowden’s mother, Joan Watts, had a heart attack. She was released from the hospital on 1/16/11 and is back home and quickly recovering.

12/15/10 – Eddy Chance’s dad, Rev. Chance suffered a mild heart attack. He is recovering.

10/20/10 – Bill, a friend of Mark Dillow’s, suffered two heart attacks in the past two weeks. He suffered a heart attack and a stroke about five years ago and still had some mobility issues from that incident. During the exam from his first heart attack a week and half ago, doctors did a CAT scan or MRI (not sure which) and found indications of both bladder and pancreatic cancer. However, because of the extent of heart disease that Bill has, they can’t even do a biopsy for at least 90 more days. Bill is bleeding internally from the bladder cancer, and is on a catheter. The Plavix he is on for his heart makes the bleeding worse, but currently his heart is the greatest risk to his life.

10/7/10 – Ileana Ellis is looking for job. Please pray that she will find one soon.

9/27/10 – Eleven year old Clayton Smeltzer was hit by a truck that was estimated to be traveling at 40 mph on 9/22/10. He has stabilized. He sustained a broken neck, hip, ribs, and fractured skull. He has displayed motor control with some movement in his fingers, and it was reported he reach up to pull on the respirator tube. His feet have gotten rigid recently. These are very good signs his body is getting muscular control back. He remains iced down to reduce swelling all over his body due to the direct body impact. He and his parents, Kevin and Christy, need prayer for his recovery and his and their peace of mind.

4/5/10 – Pray for emotional healing for Doug Cates’ family. Doug is Jeff Cates’ brother.

4/5/10 – Joe Schram started a church in his home on Sunday nights for people who have been wounded by or are disillusioned by churches. Pray that God will reveal His will to them regarding what to study.

4/5/10 – Joe Schram’s friend, Mark, has been looking for a job for over a year. Pray that the Lord will bring one to him.

3/17/10 – Lori Stafford is recovering from shoulder reconstruction surgery. Pray for a speedy recovery.

2/8/10 – Eddy Chance’s bosses father, Bob Manchester, has congestive heart failure. She took him to the doctor last week and he has additional blockage. They don’t think he’s strong enough for another surgery. Please pray for the doctors that they may come up with a workable solution. Also pray for Denise to have strength through this trying time with her dad.

1/29/10 – Ron Denison had successful surgery on 1/25/10 to repair a broken heel (that he suffered when he fell six feet on 1/13/10 while on a job). Pray for a speedy recovery.

1/25/10 – Jesse Price requests prayer for 32-year-old Cindy Hogan, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 Cervical cancer. Her chances for survival are very slim. Please pray for her complete healing and the removal of all cancer from her body.

1/20/10 – Delia Geary requests prayer for David Jackson who is a photo journalist on assignment in Haiti, the missionaries, the doctors, the emergency personnel, and the thousands of people that are sick, hungry, hurt, and in total despair.

1/20/10 – Harold McElfish’s wife has a complete tear of the Lisfranc Ligament and collateral damage around it to other ligaments and tarsels/metatarsels, probably one of the worst things you can do to your foot. She had surgery on 2/19/09 and is now back to “semi-normal.”

1/18/10 – Ken Hamilton requests prayer for his friend, Brett, Brett’s ex-wife Tammy and her current husband, and his sons Shaune and Dylan. Dylan broke into his mother’s home and stole alcohol and some expensive cameras. He was stopped by the police for an expired state sticker on his car and subsequently was arrested for possession of stolen goods. His mother and her husband filed felony breaking and entry and theft charges against him. Dylan’s court date is in two weeks. Dylan was not wanted by his mother and is keenly aware of it. Dylan met with his adult brother, Shaune (who has been carrying on his mother’s expressions of anger toward Brett on her behalf and is attempting to bribe Dylan with the promise of a full time job when he moves out of Brett’s home. Dylan is meeting with his mother for the first time since he left her home last May. Either she will forgive him or he will probably go to prison as he turns 18 on 2/18/10.

1/18/10 – Joe Schram had successful surgery to repair one of his heart valves on 12/17/09. Pray for a speedy recovery.

1/14/10 – Delia Geary’s friend, Neal King, had a massive heart attack this morning and is in very serious condition. Neal is 59 years old. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

1/14/10 – Keith Miller’s brother, Bob (whom many of you played softball with for years), had major back surgery. Bob’s been out of work for about a month now with another month or so to go.

1/14/10 – Keith Miller’s wife, Robin, has been recovering from foot surgery for about a month and still can’t put any pressure on her foot.

1/13/10 – please pray for Art Barrera’s wife, Rose Ann, who has an Auto-Immune Deficiency.

12/7/09 – Please pray for Glen Burns, a friend of Jeff Cates, who is not interested in going to church.

11/17/09 – James Wade requests prayer for his nephew, Auburn, and his wife, Michelle, for a fresh and mighty touch from the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.

11/9/09 – One of Ken Hamilton’s work colleagues, Dennis, 13 years ago took pity on a young man, Victor, living in his apartment complex and, when he bought a home, let him come to live with him in order to help him. Victor suffers from schizophrenia and manic depression. He is on medications for these problems and for pain. Ken’s friend is trying to wean Victor off Hydrocodone, as he has been overdosing. As a result, Victor is now angry and refusing to take any of his medications. Pray for Victor to start taking his medications or for God to cure him from the need for them. Dennis, who is a Christian, also needs prayer to help him continue to be patient with Victor.

11/9/09 – On 9/28/09, Rick Richardson and his friend Pam were on Rick’s motorcycle and were stopped in traffic. Another bike across the street was revving when suddenly it took off, jumped the median, and hit Rick and Pam broadside. Rick’s left ankle was pretty much ripped off of his leg. On 10/10/09, it was amputated. He has a walker and some crutches he is using right now. He went home on 11/8/09. Pam has a broken hip but she is in pretty good shape for a good recovery.

10/14/09 – Please pray for David and Brett (friends of Ken Hamilton) who are having problems with their teenage sons. Please pray for their sons’ protection and for a restoration of harmony in both their families. The sons are both way out there somewhere and very belligerent.

10/5/09 – Phil Dedy and Kit Reutters are leaving on 10/6/09 for a two week mission trip to the Kongo, which is a dangerous place right now.

10/5/09 – Thomas Palmer’s son, David, has gone to work for Tarrant County as a Deputy Sheriff. Pray for his protection.

10/5/09 – David Palmer’s wife, Traci, needs a job.

10/5/09 – the son of a friend of Ken Miller’s, named Duck, is a missionary in China, where he teaches English. He has been deemed a security risk due to Facebook.

10/5/09 – A Burnet County Sheriff’s Deputy served to miss a deer and was killed. Pray for the family.

9/11/09 – Eddy Chance’s cousin’s grandson, Brandon Chance, who is approximately 6 months old, has a fatal condition where his organs are growing faster than his body. He had surgery in 8/09 to install a long term pump. In 9/09 he had a successful heart transplant. They moved him to an apartment type room where he will stay with his parents. They hope to get him back on some cereal/baby food as soon as possible.

8/28/09 – The doctors had given Jim Hatch’s friend, Sarah Fenton, little hope and had said that if she lived, it wouldn’t be her. However, she is now out of the hospital! Please continue to pray for her as she still has a long road ahead.

8/25/09 – Roger Robinson’s wife, Shannon, has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She finished a 7 day induction chemo cycle on 6/9/09. Shannon overcame breast cancer two years ago. She is now in a hospital in San Antonio awaiting a bone marrow transplant. By the grace of God they found a donor in just a few weeks in Germany who was a perfect match. They will be doing the transplant on 8/28/09. She will be in the hospital for several months in San Antonio. Please continue to pray for God’s healing for Shannon as well as Roger and their two teenage daughters as they will be commuting back and forth between Austin and San Antonio.

8/12/09 – Please pray that the sales opportunities that Ken Hamilton has been working on will go through.

8/5/09 – Raegan Edwards fractured and severely damaged the nerves in his lower back during a motorcycle accident on 7/30/09. They put an eight inch metal rod in his back. The surgeon said it will be an extremely long recovery for Raegan (perhaps 12 months) and perhaps he may be able to walk again. He has been moved to a rehabilitation hospital and is currently on 25 medications.

8/3/09 – the son-in-law of Thomas and Connie Palmer will be retiring from the army in January. Pray that he will find a new job.

7/6/09 – Ken Hamilton requests prayer for Jerry Watts, who is having a heart pump installed later this week. His heart’s capacity is currently only 10% of a normal healthy adult. Without successful surgery, Jerry only has around 30 days left to live.

6/20/09 – Pray that work will come in for Ken Miller.

6/17/09 – Scott Casey, a good friend of Ken Hamilton’s, had back surgery on 6/17/09 to place rods along his spinal column to hold his vertebrae in place. He has been in a great deal of pain for several years. Please pray for a successful recovery and for him to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord.

5/20/09 – A young guy in Hunter Phillip’s neighborhood tried to commit suicide by dowsing himself in gasoline and setting himself on fire. One of Hunter’s neighbors and him intervened, but only Hunter could handle him. Hunter said the kid was just wanting to die and begged him to finish him. The kid was burned from the knees up. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital. It is unknown if he’ll make it. Hunter prayed with the young man and stayed with him talking to him and trying to calm him down. Please pray for this young man and his family. Hunter stated that this incident was by far one of the darkest things that he has ever been a part of. Please pray for peace for Hunter.

5/2/09 – Peggy Lesley son’s best friend has cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). He is 11 years old and is not doing well at all. He was diagnosed with this cancer two weeks ago and the tumor is next to his jugular vein and entwined in it. It has moved his wind pipe over a inch making it hard for him to breathe. The tumor is the size of a large eggplant and is sitting right above his heart.

4/21/09 – Kevin Kieschnick was elected to the Corpus Christi city council. He will be sworn in on 5/19/09. He asks prayer to think things through and to seek our Lord’s wisdom – they have a lot of challenges ahead of them.

4/9/09 – Mark Dillow’s dad’s hernia surgery went well. He is home recovering.

4/6/09 – Justin Dillow was laid off and is looking for work.

4/6/09 – Greg Bennett is looking for a house. His wife and him are living in an apartment complex that has some shady characters.

3/27/07 – Walter, Ken Hamilton’s brother-in-law, had successful heart bypass surgery. Pray that he will not have any set backs.

2/23/09 – Nancy Schriber has the following prayer request from a friend of a friend of his daughter: Erica gave birth to twins (one boy and one girl) this past weekend. Shortly after giving birth, she complained of a little blurry vision and a headache, but she was told that it was probably just the medications from having a c-section. Sometime during the night, she slipped into a coma and is in ICU. She has severe bleeding and swelling in her brain and the doctors are not able to do much. She has about a 30% chance of pulling through this. Please pray that God will do a miracle. Pray for strength for her husband, Adrian, along with her entire family.

2/16/09 – Darryl Swann’s father had a kidney removed on 2/12/09. They need the remaining kidney to take up the slack. Right now, it’s borderline but it looks promising.

2/5/09 – Kent Crockett and Mark Music are looking for work.

2/5/09 – Daryl Shipper’s nephew, Jonathan Hogland, is having a struggle right now.

2/2/09 – Lovelle Hatch, the mother of a friend of Ken Miller’s, possibly had a stroke.

1/20/09 – Terry Lawrence’s dad was hospitalized due to a heart attack and a stroke. It affected his peripheral vision and his conversation is limited to asking the same questions over and over again within a five minute time span. Nearly all of his short term memory is gone.

1/19/09 – James Danielson, the husband of Cheryl Danielson (a co-worker of Randy Rowley’s), learned that he has pancreatic cancer on 12/25/08. A couple of years ago he survived a liver transplant. Because of the liver transplant, he is not a candidate for chemo or radiation. The doctor told them he could anticipate another 6 – 8 months of life. However, during the week on 1/19/09 they went in for further tests and the tumor has not spread or grown. Please continue to pray.

12/15/08 – Bill Riva requests prayer for his daughter Christy who blew out her knee. Her surgery went well but she needs prayer for recovery. Also, Ava Riva’s boss was just diagnosed with cancer of the breast and needs prayer.

12/11/08 – Randall Klimek’s dad, Al, has been having some issues with his heart.

11/11/08 – Ken Hamilton requests prayer for John Richardson, Yvette Richardson, and about six other people who got laid off at his company.

11/5/08 – Eddy Chance requests prayer for Nancie Sisemore, who may have lymphoma.

10/23/08 – Lyn Parks’ father-in-law, Donnie Woolums, was admitted to ICU due to pancreatitis and renal shut down. He is now off of life support. All blood levels are looking better and his kidneys are functioning. Please continue to pray for Donnie as he is not totally out of the woods yet. Please also pray for his family.

10/13/08 – Delia Geary’s friend Jen requests prayer for Jackie, who is suffering from cancer after 12 years in remission. It is back with a vengeance and she has taken a turn for the worst. The surgeries can only do so much and the Chemo treatments thus far are almost too much for her body to handle. Please pray for Jackie and for strength and courage for her family. Also please pray for Jackie’s, Andrew’s (her father), and Andreana’s (her sister) salvation. This has been very had on Jen as she is currently deployed in Iraq.

10/11/08 – Dan Carlson is looking for a new job.

10/1/08 – Delia Geary requests prayer for missionary/evangelist Tim Solterman, who has been going through chemo for stage 4 renal cancer. It has spread to his lungs, stomach, and heart.

9/30/08 – James Wade requests prayer for a letter of acceptance from the IRS concerning his dad’s estate and to avoid an audit. The letter itself can take several months and the estate will be held in limbo until then. Please pray that all the siblings will agree and get along.

9/30/08 – Delia Geary requests prayer for her friend, Leticia and her family. Leticia’s grandson, Sergio Sauceda, shot a man in San Antonio on 9/29/08. Please pray for him and the man that he shot.

8/24/08 – Mark Sullivan’s wife, Laura, had severe stomach cancer a few years ago. Now the doctors think that she may have a tumor growing again.

8/23/08 – Steve, Karen, and Jordan (3 years old) Blocher were in an accident in their camper. The stove exploded and ignited the camper. Karen is burnt over 75% of her body (everywhere except her chest and abdomen). Half her hair is gone and she has lost a lot of skin and fluids. Steve has first and second degree burns over 30% of his body (his head, back, arm and knees). Jordan has first and second degree burns on 15% of his body (his head and left hand). Please pray for healing and comfort.

8/22/08 – Ken Hamilton requests prayer for Donald Mapes who had surgery on 8/25/08. Pray for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.

8/19/08 – Darryl Swann asks us to pray for guidance on how best to get everyone at the same place at the same time at the Nights at the Races for the devotionals.

8/19/08 – Eddy Chance requests prayer for his dad, Reverend C.V. Chance. His congestive heart failure and diabetes are taking a toll on him. He can hardly walk and his fluid build up is very bad. Eddy can’t get him to go to the hospital. The last time he went into the hospital they put him on a heavy dose of Lasix, which drains the fluid from your body that causes congestive heart failure, and he lost 50 lbs. of fluid and felt great when he went home. But he is stubborn and just doesn’t want go back in the hospital again. Please pray that we can convince him that this is the best way for him to feel better. Please pray for his health, and for Eddy’s stepmother Fay, as she is very ill and is trying to take care of him. She also suffers from congestive heat failure.

8/19/08 – James Wade requests prayer for his neighbor, Irita Kellberg, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Please pray for the family’s salvation (two daughters are living at home).

8/7/08 – Ron Denison’s mother-in-law, Judy Protyik, is looking for a job.

7/24/08 – James Wade’s blood pressure has been a little high. Pray that it will come down without medications.

7/22/08 – Nick Quijano requests prayer for Terrill Estabrook, whohas a spinal cord injury as a result of a dive into a shallow sand embankment on Lake LBJ on 7/20/08. She fractured one vertebrae and broke another. Both were fused together, but the broken vertebrae damaged her spinal cord. She received emergency surgery to repair the damage. She has limited use of her arms, and no movement in her legs. There is feeling though. Please keep her in your prayers.

7/21/08 – Eddy Chance requests prayer for Buzzie and Roma who lost their home and everything the own except the clothes on their backs to a fire on 7/19/08. One of their oldest dogs ran into a closet and did not make it out. They are staying in their small guest house (more like a one room hunting cabin). Someone also brought out an RV. Fortunately they were insured. Please keep them in your prayers.

7/17/08 – Larry Dowden’s step-dad, Paul Watts, suffered a mild stroke on 7/16/08.

7/13/08 – Bruce Reed’s brain tumor has continued to grow. Please be in prayer for Bruce, his family (Joyce, Jarred, Katie, and Josh) and the doctors. Bruce is a good friend of Kevin Schnautz.

7/9/08 – Randy Slagle’s still has no left vocal cord activity after serious heart surgery. They will go back in two months to consider surgery. Please pray that it will come back on its own.

6/17/08 – Ken Hamilton requests prayer for Janice Collins. She is a lady about 60 years old that is trying to stop smoking. She even went to a hypnotist but it didn’t do her any good.

6/11/08 – Mary Wade’s arm is better. Please continue to pray.

6/11/08 – James Wade’s right elbow is better. Please continue to pray.

6/5/08 – Gary Schriber requests prayer for Nona Gold (his mother-in-law) who is in the hospital with a blockage in her intestine.

5/28/08 – Tonya Slovacek requests prayer for Chris Robinson. Chris underwent skin graphs in the Shriners Burn Center in Galveston.

5/28/08 – Mr. Charlie Batts requests prayer for his brother-in-law’s family (Richard Hall). The Halls’ house burned down on 5/27/08. They live in Mart, near Waco.

5/14/08 – Darryl Swann asks us to pray for his friend Dave to come to know Jesus.

Richard Garrett requests prayer for his daughter Lori, who is going through a struggle right now.

Sue Denison injured her back when her car was rear ended. Although her back is somewhat better, she still has considerable pain after long days at work. They are also having difficulties settling with the insurance companies.

Please pray for our troops, our President, our other leaders, and our nation daily.

Please pray for healing and comfort for the families who lost loved ones at the Virginia Tech massacre and for the authorities, campus administrators, and the community as a whole during this time of great sorrow. Pray a hedge of protection around our students and the campuses that they inhabit on a daily basis. As always, thank the Lord for each day that He gives you with your children.

Please pray for the survivors of hurricane Katrina and for wisdom for our leaders on how to best deal with this disaster.

Ken Hamilton asks that we pray for the lost and that we will all have a heart for them and the discernment to know when to step out and be bold in sharing the Good News.

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