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Duck hunting season is right around the corner and often involves boat safety combined with hunting safety. A large majority of duck hunting accidents occur while on a boat and are easily preventable. Read More→

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Getting off the ground can be dangerous, so always practice safety when using climbing treestands.  Treat them with respect and they will not only add a new dimension to your hunting but they will also give you a lifetime of hunting memories. Read More→

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Don’t go hunting alone.  We all think we are great hunters and that nothing is ever going to happen to us, but as I age and encounter more and more of life’s experiences, I have reached the conclusion that one should never “go hunting alone.”  The following are just a couple of the things that have happened to me while “hunting alone.” Read More→

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Whenever I finish hunting with my pump shotgun, I always pump it, point it to the ground and pull the trigger to hear the click, and then put it in the scabbard.  On one such dove hunt I was having trouble ejecting the third shell.  However, when I finished I went through the same exercise and put the gun back in the case.  A few days later I took the gun, and a reel that I was having trouble with, to a gun and reel shop for repair. Read More→

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