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Welcome to the FCS Clay Target Scorecard page!  This page contains a spreadsheet that has most Sporting Clays (mainly), Skeet, and 5-Stand scores and 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place finishes from 1993 to the present.  Unfortunately, scorecards were not always turned in after every shoot or sometimes for our early shoots they were turned in but we only recorded the scores on those who placed (the first place or top three finishers).  However, all but two of the shoots since 6/20/98 show every competitor.

The averages are figured on a round of 50 sporting clays or 5-stand targets basis.  Consequently, skeet shoots are not included in each shooters sporting clays/5-stand average as only 25 targets were shot and skeet averages cannot be included with sporting clays averages as skeet’s an easier game.

Capitol City Clays (where the vast majority of our shoots have been held) added a hunters course in 2005.  This course is easier than their previous masters course, consequently the averages for shooters who just shot the masters course or a combination of the two courses will be lower than shooters who have just shot the hunters course.

The scores can be viewed as follows:

Annual Tab – lists monthly scores, annual scores, and 1st-3rd places of each individual by year.

FCS Summary Tab – summarizes annual scores and 1st-3rd places for each year, and cumulative scores and 1st-3rd places for all years.

Top Shooters Tab – lists top scoring shooters from 1993 to the present.

Click on the link below to view scores of the FCS Clay Target Shoots – wait patiently for a few seconds while it downloads. To exit, hit left arrow instead of hitting “x” (If the Windows Security window pops up, you can hit “X” to view the score sheet).


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