2021 – Fishing Reports


4/10/21 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Four fishermen enjoyed the scenery on the banks of the San Gabriel River off of Lake Granger at The Steps.  They knew that the gig was probably up, as they were the second truck that had arrived (last time Randy Rowley’s truck was about the 50th truck there).  After an hour of fruitless fishing and only seeing one other fisherman catch a white bass, they went and fished a pond in Ryan Rowley’s neighborhood.  Jim McGee caught two dink bass and a perch on a Beetle Spin and a dink bass on a Whopper Plopper.  Randy caught a dink bass on a Beetle Spin.  Burl Fulenwider had two bass on, but they got off close to shore.

3/27/21 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Three fishermen mostly enjoyed the scenery on Lake LBJ on an overcast morning.  For bass, they tried poppers, a Whopper Plopper, swimbaits, lipless crankbaits, a squarebill crankbait, a round bill crankbait, spinnerbaits, a Beetle Spin, Roadrunners, a Senko, and crawdads.  They tried several docks, grassy areas, and deep water humps and didn’t even get a bump.

For white bass, they found fish in 20 – 40′ at the mouth of a cove but they wouldn’t hit Roadrunners, jigs, or slabs.  Randy Rowley beating his rubber hammer on his boat’s hull did nothing to excite them.

They saw three fish being landed.

The highlight of the trip was stopping by the Bluebonnet Cafe on the way home!

3/13/21 Self-chartered White Bass Fishing Trip

Two fishermen mostly enjoyed the scenery on the San Gabriel River off of Lake Granger, near The Steps.  Jim McGee caught an undersized white bass and about a 14″ long Gasper Goo (freshwater drum).  Randy Rowley was skunked.

The night before the trip, light rain started and the barometric pressure dropped, which was probably responsible for the slow morning.  They only saw two other fishermen among dozens catch one white bass each.

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