2021 – Ministry Events


7/13/21 Ministry Event (Wild Game Dinner)

Seven participants served the Lord and the residents of the Pathways of Northgate apartments (a Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) property for people who are disabled and/or involuntarily displaced by a natural disaster or government action; mostly single mothers and their children).  Around 32 residents were fed venison (including a fantastic venison stew that included sweet potatoes by Wayne Weilnau), pheasant, chukar, quail, dove, hybrid bass, catfish, hamburgers, and hotdogs.  The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all!  The Pathways of Northgate residents enjoyed the meal immensely (although they weren’t very keen on the venison and upland game birds) and several of them took home leftovers.  They were very appreciative.

Many volunteers made this event possible, from donations to food prep, cooking, serving, and cleaning.  Thanks to:

  • Charles Batts, Burl Fulenwider, Steve Fusco, Jim Miller, Randy Rowley, and Wayne Weilnau for donating game of various sorts, and
  • Jeff Cates, Jonathan Fleming, Jim Miller, Chris Rowley, Randy Rowley, Wayne Weilnau, and Tim Zyla for helping out at the event.

Tim and Jim were the grill master’s. Tim asked that the following be shared with Jim – How to Grill Hot Dogs Perfectly.

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