A Duck Hunt by Eddy Chance 1/20/03


I have twin boys that turned 10 back in November 2002.  We have a annual duck hunt that I go on every year.  I decided to take my boys that year.  So I dropped a bundle at Academy getting them outfitted with two pair of waders, camo insulated hunting jackets (they had out grown their old ones), insulated gloves, and caps.

We drove down to the Pierce Ranch near El Campo, Texas and met up with the guide W. S. (Bill) Sherrill at 4:00 AM at the What-a-Burger.  They split us up into small groups.  You can choose to goose hunt or duck hunt.  We’ve hunted with them for many years and they have always put us on birds.

The Boy’s thought that we were nuts when the guide told us to follow him out through the flooded rice fields in the dark with no flash light, but they were both troopers and took off into the dark.  You could hear the ducks get up off the water as we approached a small levy in the middle of the field.

At first light they were in wonder as the sun slowly came up over the horizon.  It is one of the main reasons I wanted to share this with my boys.  Spending time in the great outdoors in awe of God’s wondrous creation.  Well it wasn’t long until the guide said load-em up boy’s… then the fun began.  It was like swatting mosquitoes in Cameron Paris, Louisiana.  Over and over again the guide shouted “take-em boys!”  Ducks were flying in from all angles.  My boys had smiles as big as Texas.

We finished hunting around 9:30 AM with a pile of ducks.  As we were looking over the ducks the guide asked if this was the Boy’s first hunt.  They both replied, yes.  He then initiated them into the duck hunting fraternity by smearing duck blood on their faces.  It was a great ending to a great time spent hunting with close friends and “D-Boys as my friends call them.  Back when we went into the doctor’s office for the sonogram and they discovered that we were having twins…the first thing that popped into my mind was…two of everything… two 4-wheelers, two spots on the deer lease, two bows, etc.

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