A Turkey Hunt by Kevin Wall


On the morning of 4/15/05 I hunted turkeys on my lease in Ochiltree County.  I started out behind the house and across the creek.  I got the decoys set up and sat down.  Next, I hear turkeys, and of course, they are in the parking lot behind me where the house is.  I start calling. 

After about 30 minutes they came to the creek and were  about 60 yards away to the side of me.  Out came two hens running across the opening away from me.  The rooster was hot on their tails.  I called him a few times, and he stopped to look at the decoys, but I could not change his mind.  So I headed back south walking the creek bottom.

I periodically looked out over the top of the creek’s edge.  I got close to some wheat fields and saw two hens and two toms, so I stayed just below the top of the creek and started calling.  I got some good responses.  After about 30 minutes they starting coming my way.

The two hens stopped about 20 yards to my right where they could see me if I moved.  They were just on the other side of a small line of trees.  I saw one gobbler coming on the other side of the trees but had only one good hole to shoot through.  He inched closer to the hole.  Then I realized there was another turkey on the other side of him.  By the time the first got to the opening, the other was right behind him.  I shot and both went down.  They both had 10 inch beards.  What a rush!

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