Duck Hunting Safety by an unknown author, contributed by Randy Rowley


Duck hunting season is right around the corner and often involves boat safety combined with hunting safety. A large majority of duck hunting accidents occur while on a boat and are easily preventable.

Avid hunters and boaters know the danger associated with these activities and should user their prior safety knowledge in this situation, but for those who are expanding into a different realm of hunting, these are some good tips to ensure that your duck hunting experience is a positive and memorable one.

  • While planning a waterfowl hunt, don’t forget to check to be sure the boat is in good working condition, with enough gas for the trip and equipped with the proper personal flotation devices and other safety gear.
  • Make sure everyone on board has a properly fitted, Coast Guard approved, life vest or float coat.
  • Camouflage styles are available and some allow the wearer to shoot without removing the life vest.
  • Never stand in an unsecured boat to shoot.
  • Be aware of dogs, and other partners while in a boat.
  • Be extra careful with your gun. Similar to a blind, a boat is close quarters.
  • Put your unloaded shotgun in a secured case.

Improper flotation devices are still the number one cause for hunter related deaths on duck boats and the most common illegal practice during duck hunting season. Prevent is the key to being safe during a duck hunt and staying out of trouble. Technology has afforded us the option for safety devices that are more practical and do not impede duck hunting. Other tips include keeping enough flotation devices to throw overboard for others and to always refer to prior gun safety. Avoid wearing heavy hip boots or waders on the boat due to safety concerns also; hunters have drown while trying to remove these items after falling overboard or being capsized.

A successful duck hunt requires not only patience and skill, but the ability to practice safety while enjoying the experience.

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