Jordan’s First Buck by Eddy Chance


Well it took us a long time but Jordan finally got his first buck.  We hunted the Dunkinville stand Monday evening.  Bob and I went out early in the day and put out a lot of corn near Jay’s new pop-up blind.  In the afternoon we got in the blind and it wasn’t long before there were tons of doe all around us, however, there were no bucks.

At around 5:15 PM, Hunter just happened to peak out of the back window of the blind and said “Dad there is a buck back here.”  I thought that he was just kidding but he insisted so I took a look.  I didn’t see anything at first but them I saw horns walking through the thick brush.  In the meantime a small cow horn spike popped out in front of the feeder.  I told Jordan to hold off until we could get a look at the bigger buck.  It was already starting to get dark.

Well when it popped out we could see that was a great first deer for Jordan.  I told him to take a few deep breaths to calm himself, then when he was ready to take another deep breath, let out half of it, then squeeze the trigger.  Within seconds there was a loud bang along with a massive muzzle flash from my Browning A-Bolt 30-06.  The deer disappeared and all of the other deer ran off.  One doe almost ran right in the blind with us.

We waited a few minutes and then we went to find him.  The deer never moved from where he had been standing.  Jordan had hit it right in the heart.  Jordan, Hunter, and I started high fiving each other.  We were all excited about Jordan’s first buck.  It was an amazing experience sharing my love of hunting with my boy’s just like I did with my daughter, Tiffany, many years before.

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