Lake Huites, Mexico Fishing Trip by Eddy Chance


Well I just got back from a 4/26/06 – 4/30/06 Fishing Trip to Lake Huites deep in Mexico with Derrich Pollock, Charles Batts, and Bob Duda.  It was an amazing fishing trip.  We took off in Derrich’s plane from the Jonestown airport.  We had to stop in Del Rio, Texas to check in with customs before leaving US airspace.  We flew from there over the Sierra Madre Mountain range down to Los Mochis airport to refuel, check in with customs then on to El Fuerte air strip.  At the El Fuerte air strip there was a small army guarding Derrich’s plane while we were fishing.  It looked like a small barracks with young men with automatic weapons. We all felt that there was no problem leaving the plane there.

The lodge sent a one ton van to pick us up.  The last 17 miles to the lodge took over an hour.  I would not even call it a road, more like a mountain trail that is just barely wide enough for the one ton Ford van to crawl its way up the mountain to the remote lodge.  But once there it was well worth the rough ride.  Oh and I almost forgot all of the speed bumps on the “good road”.  They do not have traffic lights like we do here in the states so they put in large speed bumps to slow the traffic down in the small villages, one about every 20 yards or so.  It took two hours to travel from the El Fuerte air strip to the lodge.

The lodging was great.  When we arrived they had nachos and cold drinks ready.  The cook had steaks cooking on the open fire. The lodge has a large open air kitchen and a large open air patio with where we ate all our meals.  The food was comparable to a 5 star restaurant. We had steak, grilled chicken, fresh grilled fish we caught, stuffed burrito, chicken enchiladas, and fried shrimp.  For breakfast every morning we had eggs, bacon, and pan cakes.  I think we all gained 5 lbs on this trip.

The lake was massive but there were only a few boats on it.  One of the main reasons was that it is very difficult to get to.  This lake was only built ten years ago.  It was stocked with Florida black bass.  The water was very clear and deep.  Some of the areas we fished were over 150 foot deep.  We caught black bass in 50 feet of water along steep cliff walls.  Most of the big fish were caught along under water ridges.  Charles and Derrich fished in one boat and Bob and I fished in another.  Derrich, Charles, and Bob were fishing for “big” fish, I was just fishing.  I caught approximately 150 to 175 fish in the three days.  It didn’t matter what lure I used I caught fish.  The first big fish I caught was 21 inches long and not long after that I caught a 22 inch one.  Bob caught some really nice big bass.  On Thursday he caught a 23 ½”, Friday an 18″, and Saturday a 22″, 23 ¾” and another 23″.

One the first day the guide didn’t get the net quickly enough and Bob lost a really big fish so I took over hauling Bob’s fish in with the net.  After that we didn’t lose any more fish.

Derrich and Charles caught a good number of fish, some of them were very large.  Charles had a big bass on and broke the 20 lbs fishing line.

We all had such a great time we are in the process of planning another trip.

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