Lake Huites, Mexico Fishing Trip, Round Two by Eddy Chance


Here is the report on our latest trip to Lake Huites Mexico (on 10/12/06 – 10/15/06).  But first I have to thank my good friend Charles Batts.  Unfortunately Charles was scheduled to go on this trip but he had to have back surgery at the last minute and I took his place.

Derrich booked our trip to the Trophy Bass Lodge.  We went on this same trip back in June 2006 and I caught more bass that I ever had before.  This trip was some what different.  Derrich and Charles decided to try using larger swimming baits and hopefully only catch large bass.  Well they were correct.  Charles hooked us up with some special 5″ long swinging baits and we loaded up on large bass every day of the trip.

We got up early Thursday morning and headed out to the lake in the dark.  It started off slow but in a short time Derrich, as usual, began hauling in one good fish after another.  We pulled up to a point on the lake near where the railroad crosses the lake.  Soon after I hauled in a nice bass and stopped and took some pictures and video. T hen I cast back into the same hole and bam!, caught another nice bass.  I stopped and took some pictures and video.  I then cast back into the same spot and again I hooked another nice bass.  Three nice bass out of one hole, back to back to back.  Derrich asked what I was doing and I said, “Just casting into this one hole near the bank.

As we worked our way up to the railroad bridge we noticed that the bait fish were rolling in large masses near the surface.  There were thousands if not millions of bait fish.  We again started working the 5” swimming baits, when Derrich hooked a really nice bass.  As he was hauling it in he said “there are other large bass chasing the one he had on the line.”  The guide quickly picked up a rod and dropped in a brush hog and hooked another bass.  We had two on at the same time.  I was busy capturing all of this on video tape.  After that I put down my camera within a few minutes I had a nice one on as well.  It was amazing!  We were catching 8 lb. bass schooling in over 140 feet of water.  We continued to catch large fish for some time.  We eventually moved back to the point where we started.

As we were moving slowly down the back I made a cast and it felt like I was stuck on a rock on the bottom but it didn’t take long to figure out that I had a big fish on the line.  I started asking Derrich what to do since he is a seasoned bass fisherman.  He said” get the rod tip down” then he saw the fish and he got excided and jumped from the front of the boat back to where I was trying to get the fish to the boat.  I kept trying to real him in but he just kept taking line even with the drag was set fairly tight.  After what seamed to be an eternity he came close enough to the boat for Derrich to get him in the net.  It was the biggest bass I had ever seen.  He measured 27″ long and had a girth of 16 inches.  According to their fish chart for that lake he weighed 10.13 lbs.  After this we kept catching 23 to 25″ long fish. On Thursday alone I caught eight large bass and numerous other bass.  Derrich caught five ranging in size from 23 to 25″ long fish as well as numerous other large bass.

On Friday morning the weather was much cooler and the fishing started off a little slower.  After checking out a few other spots we headed back over to the main point we fished on Thursday.  It wasn’t long until Derrich started us off by catching several nice fish.  As we worked our way back along the shore line and to the railroad bridge we both caught several large bass.   Again we were concentrating of casting the large swimming baits.  Luis (the guide) was trying different bait to help use make sure we would catch fish.  He was fishing with a watermelon brush hog when he hooked a very large bass.

Friday evening was a little better fishing.  Derrich made a cast and for some reason the bait snapped the line and the back lash from the release of the heavy swimming bait snapped the rod right out of his hand.  The next thing I know Derrich dives into the lake after his rod and reel.  He disappeared under the water and popped up with his rod in his hand.  Luis and me were laughing so hard we could hardily contain ourselves.  Derrich started laughing and said “help me in the boat.” I said “just a minute let me get some pictures first.”  We then used the trolling motor to move over to the shore line to help him back in the boat due to the high sides of the boats.  Derrich then realized that all of his money credit cards and papers were in his pocket. It was so funny and you just had to be there.  It was almost pay back after I fell in Lake Travis lake one night while fishing with Derrich and a bunch of my other buddies.  When I fell in, my belt got caught on one of the boat cleats and I was upside down and flaying wildly trying to figure out what to do while Derrich and the others were laughing at me.  The one difference was in was winter time and I almost froze to death on the ride back to the boat dock.

Saturday morning started out a little slow as we worked several cuts off of the main lake.  We were fishing under some roosting buzzards but the bass were just not hitting on the top water baits.  So we went back to the point just off the Railroad Bridge and, Bam!, Derrich hauled in another large fish.  We decided that since the morning started off slow and it was our last day to fish we would eat lunch and head right back out.  Derrich asked the guide to find us a shady spot to fish in to try and cut the direct sun heat.  We worked our way down the lake past the railroad bridge and stopped at a massive stone wall.  It must have been two to three hundred feet high and provided lots of shade.  We fished for a while but we were only catching a few small fish. We headed back towards the railroad bridge and stopped at a small inlet where the guide told us that there was a large underwater ridge. I  hooked what I thought was a large bass but this fish was taking drag like crazy. As I got it closer to the boat we realized that is was some other type of fish. When we got the fish in the net Luis said that it was a large tilapia.  After that Derrich started hauling in one fish after another.  For some reason I was not catching anything.  Derrich said, “I guess it’s because I have so much experience.”  I said, “I don’t care, I kicked your butt on Thursday.” He laughed so hard he almost fell out of the boat.

We let that area and headed back down the lake to the railroad bridge.  Once again we headed back to our favorite point.  The water was so clear we were all amazed.  I was talking to Derrich about how clear the water was while reeling my bait to the boat.  We were both looking at my bait coming towards the boat.  All of a sudden a large bass came up from out of no where and hit my bait.  Well the fight was on.  Mean while Luis had cast a brush hog out into deep water.  While we were in the process of getting the fish that I had on in the net Luis pointed at his rod laying on the deck of the boat and said, “Set the hook gordito (fat boy).”  So I grabbed the rod and started hauling in another bass.  While we were near the railroad bridge a couple of railroad workers asked Luis if they could have some fish so we kept several bass and made them a nice stringer.  They made their way down the steep embankment and were so excited about the fish we gave them.  It was getting late so Derrich finished up out trip by catching one more large bass in 147 feet of water under the railroad bridge.  It was another amazing trip spent with old and new friends.

The Trophy Bass Lodge accommodations are what I consider five star.  Their cook, Freddy, could make a great living cooking here in the states.  He got up early each morning and had coffee and a full breakfast ready to start our day of fishing.  When we came in for lunch he would have nachos and a nice cool drink waiting for us.  This was followed by an amazing assortment of fantastic lunches and dinners. Here is a list of just some of the food: stuffed poblano pepper, chicken cordon blue, filet minion, enchilada, grilled black bass with fresh vegetables, and on and on.  The rooms are very well maintained with air conditioning and private bath rooms.  The staff is all top notch and courteous.  They have the best guides that I’ve ever used.  If you want to catch more and bigger fish, set up a trip to the Trophy Bass Lodge on Lake Huites, Mexico.

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